What Do You Need to Open an Independent Coffee Shop

What Do You Need to Open an Independent Coffee Shop

We’ve all had that dream. Being able to open our own independent coffee shop, chat to all the regular customers who come in for their daily dose and a piece of cake, and watch all the workers tapping away on their keyboards. You may be surprised to discover however, that opening a coffee shop is not as easy as it may appear!

Coffee and tea are staples in the British diet that will never go away. In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of joe every day; and with a plethora of different blends and syrups available and quirky designs you can add to the foam of cappuccino, it seems like an exciting time to enter the hot beverage business.

To get you started towards your coffee shop owning dreams, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to buy and consider when looking to own an independent café of your own.

1. A High-Quality Coffee Machine

It may seem like a no-brainer, but a top quality coffee machine can make or break the best businesses. Many of your typical drink orders in a coffee shop are likely to have an element of espresso, either by itself or with the perfect marriage of steamed milk. Without a good machine, you’re likely to not give people the start to the morning they long for!

Because of the price of some of these bits of kit, it’s important to do your research around what makes a good coffee machine and shop smart, to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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2. An Industrial Strength Coffee Grinder

Most cafes and shops keep unground beans in their store as they stay fresher for longer. Each time a new group of customers enters your establishment, you’ll want to be grinding your own for the best flavour possible. The right grinder can make a huge difference to the quality and taste of the finished cup, so choosing the perfect one from specialists like Nisbets, can truly set you aside from the competition!

3. Top Quality Refrigeration

Whether you’re stocking fresh sandwiches daily, sweet treats or homemade cakes, you’ll need both display and under-counter fridges behind the bar to keep things fresher for longer. Also, an important element of when you’re designing the overall layout and finished look of your coffee shop when choosing your refrigeration, remember that it’s not just a fridge.

4. A Sturdy Dishwasher

On a busy day, you can’t be handwashing every piece of crockery, cutlery and glassware that comes in and out of the kitchen. Whether you’re anticipating serving 30 or 300 people a day, a dishwasher that can handle a good amount of cleaning is ideal for keeping everything ticking over in the background.

Finalise Your Kit First

Once you’ve finalised your equipment and kit, you can go about designing the overall look and feel of your coffee shop. Whether you opt for a rustic vibe, industrial city chic or the simplicity of scandi, ensuring you have the best quality machines can help get your new shop off the ground.

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