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Shock moment Lib Dem MEPs arrive in Brussels in yellow 'B******s to Brexit' t-shirts

Remainer Liberal Democrat MEPs strolled into the European Parliament building in Strasbourg with one wearing a bright yellow ‘B******s to Brexit’ t-shirts. The majority of the anti-Brexit politicians, who have demanded another say on leaving the European Union, wore t-shirts saying: ‘Stop Brexit’. While in the chamber, some of the Liberal Democrat MEPs were overheard […]

GATT 24: How Farage, Rees-Mogg and Boris want to use rare WTO Article to get Brexit done

In May 2018, Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “If you are in a negotiation for a free trade agreement, you can maintain your existing standards for ten years under WTO rules.“So we have ten years from the point at which we leave the European Union to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU which would mean […]

UK-led cancer and climate trials at risk as British researchers become liability

British researchers say they are being shut out of bids for major European research partnerships, or asked to keep a low profile, because of fears that the threat of a no-deal Brexit could contaminate chances of success. An analysis by University College London of the latest EU research funding data shows that UCL and eight […]

US proposes $4 billion in new tariffs on EU imports, including parmesan cheese and whiskey

Date created : 02/07/2019 – 07:52 The United States on Monday proposed $4 billion in tariffs on a range of European Union products — including parmesan cheese and Scotch and Irish whiskey — over subsidies for commercial aircraft. The list also includes sausages, hams, pasta, olives and many other cheeses including reggiano, provolone, edam and […]

Prosecutors charge adverb in trafficking case, but do not look for sentence

The elite antimafia division of the Palermo prosecutor’s office has charged an adverb with the crime of human trafficking, defence lawyers and language specialists have said. Charges against “Mesi” were brought as part of a sprawling international investigation on human smuggling, but it appears Sicilian magistrates confused the word for “when” in the Tigrinya language […]

Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson to slash Cabinet in HALF saving Commons up to £8bn

The former Foreign Secretary would save billions of pounds by reviewing more than seven departments in Government, The Daily Telegraph reported. Mr Johnson has previously said he would like to merge the Department for International Development and the Foreign Office. Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab estimated £1billion could be saved in the merge.Mr Johnson’s team […]

Boris Johnson will ‘revitalise’ the UK and destroy Scottish nationalism says Rees-Mogg

Mr Johnson would hold the role alongside his position as Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service. North East Somerset MP Mr Rees-Mogg has said the Union has been damaged by the EU and Brexit would provide the solution in a column in The Daily Telegraph. He said the plans […]

Brexit renegotiation given blessing by Merkel says Hunt – Germany eager ‘to solve problem’

The Foreign Secretary has said German Chancellor Angela Merkel is willing to reopen Brexit negations on behalf of the EU in an attempt to generate a revised deal for a post-Brexit Britain. Mr Hunt told Sky News during an extensive one hour interview: “When you talk to those people – they also say that if […]

Angela Smith launches bid to commission report on no-deal Brexit risks

Labour’s leader in the House of Lords, Angela Smith, is spearheading a cross-party bid to force the government to set up a powerful new committee to report by September on the risks of a no-deal Brexit. Both candidates in the race to be Britain’s next prime minister are saying they are prepared to take Britain […]

Tory leadership: How Boris Johnson will help people left behind in the north as PM

The former foreign secretary is the current frontrunner of the Conservative Party leadership race, leaving rival Jeremy Hunt trailing behind. He has been clear he will take the UK out of the EU by the October 31 deadline “do or die”. And Mayor of Tees Valley Ben Houchen believes Mr Johnson is the best candidate […]

Nan Goldin protests against Sackler wing at the Louvre

The US art photographer and activist Nan Goldin has led a demonstration outside the Louvre in Paris demanding that the world’s most visited museum change the name of its Sackler wing because some of the multibillionaire family of art philanthropists benefited from the business of addictive prescription painkillers. In recent months Goldin has taken part […]

Boris Johnson is ‘last chance’ to stop Tory wipe out at hands of Brexit Party warns Davis

Mr Davis made his remarks as Mr Johnson vied with rival Jeremy Hunt for the leadership of the party, with the result due to be announced on July 23. Writing on the Conservative Home website, he said: “I’ve announced my support for Boris Johnson, because I really feel this is a last chance for the […]

EU summit ends in deadlock as leaders fail to agree over top job

The longest ever EU summit has ended without agreement as Angela Merkel warned that with Brexit “looming” imposing the centre-left candidate Frans Timmermans as European commission president risked creating a dangerous split with the populist governments in Poland and Italy. With the leaders now forced to meet again in Brussels on Tuesday after being unable […]

EU counter-terror chief on battling the virtual caliphate and what to do with children of jihadists

Date created : 01/07/2019 – 15:44 This week we’re looking at something that has changed the way we live our lives in Europe: the terrorist threat. From Paris to Brussels, London, Manchester, Berlin, Strasbourg and Nice, the list of cities struck by terrorism sends a shiver down the spine. Preventing new attacks is the top […]

Brexit crunch: Hunt sets September 30 no deal deadline as he ramps up pressure on EU

The leadership hopeful said if he becomes the new prime minister, he would “engage” with other EU leaders throughout August, and task a new negotiating team with producing an “alternative exit deal”.But he warned he would be ready to walk away from talks if there was no “immediate prospect” of progress and increase preparations for […]

David Miliband: 'Either Europe manages the refugee problem or the refugee problem will end up managing Europe'

We bring you a special edition of Talking Europe from the European Development Days event in Brussels. As the dust settles from the European elections, a new European Commission is set to be named and new priorities are going to become clear for where the EU wants to put its development aid and investment efforts. […]

Brexiteer lists 11 facts about GATT 24 that PROVES No Deal Brexit will be GOOD for UK

GATT 24 is Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and is a piece of World Trade Organisation (WTO) law which allows for tariff-free trade for up to 10 years while a permanent trade agreement is negotiated. It only applies to goods and has no impact on the trade in services or […]

EU leaders to restart talks after 'deadlock' on top jobs deal

Date created : 01/07/2019 – 12:16Latest update : 01/07/2019 – 13:46 A European Union summit was suspended on Monday after national leaders failed to reach agreement during 20 hours of talks on who should take over the bloc’s top jobs. Leaders of the EU’s 28 member-states had appeared close to a deal, with diplomats saying […]

EU leaders close in on naming top posts after longest-ever talks

Date created : 01/07/2019 – 12:16 European Union leaders are close to picking Dutch socialist Frans Timmermans to head the European Commission, two diplomats said on Monday, as the bloc’s political families dragged out horse-trading between them to an unbroken 19 hours. Under an agreement still being finalised by the 28 national leaders after the […]

EU Summit: Germany plan for Juncker’s replacement fails to get backing after 18 hour talks

An emergency EU summit was convened on Sunday, as Brussels remained divided over who should get the EU’s top jobs, including a successor to Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. But the 28 EU leaders have still failed to reach an agreement, despite entering into their 18th consecutive hour of talks this morning. Diplomats have warned that […]

Tory leadership LIVE: Boris Johnson accuses Hunt of ‘elitist conspiracy’ to block Brexit

Writing in his Daily Telegraph column, Mr Johnson said: “If we fail yet again, and kick the can down the road, we will continue to undermine trust in politics. If we say that it is not a ‘hard’ deadline, we will fuel the suspicion that there is a conspiracy by the elite to frustrate the […]

EU leaders meeting in Brussels divided over who should get bloc's top jobs

Date created : 01/07/2019 – 05:48Latest update : 01/07/2019 – 06:15 Talks between European Union leaders about who should be picked for key posts at EU institutions dragged on into a second day Monday, as they struggled to reach a deal. EU leaders failed in a first attempt last week to fill the roster of […]

Labour ‘hammering families’ with ANOTHER tax raid on 10m hard-working homes, say Tories

Under the plans supported by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, inheritance tax would be replaced by “lifetime gifts tax”. The current scheme has a threshold of £475,000 0r £950,000 for couples, only 640,000 households of the 27.2million households in the UK pay the tax each year. As reported by MailOnline, everything a child receives from their parents […]

Remainer PM must NOT be allowed near Brexit ‘UNTHINKABLE’ – poll results

Tory leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are in the midst of a battle for the Conservative crown with Brexit dominating both campaigns.The UK’s exit from the EU has so far dominated the Tory leadership battle as both candidates are under pressure to deliver on the vote of the people to unshackle the UK […]

Brexit boost: Jeremy Hunt pledges £6bn towards no deal EU exit – ‘Britain deserves better’

The Tory leadership candidate will set out a 10-point plan including a Cobra-style committee to “turbocharge” Whitehall the preparations. His plan intends to keep Britain open for business in the event of World Trade Organisation (WTO) tariffs coming into effect. Mr Hunt is expected to tell supporters food producers should be treated like the financial […]

Farage sends Brexit warning to Boris before taking major swipe 'How can we trust him?'

The Brexit Party leader used the ‘Big Vision Rally’ in front of some 5,500 supporters to lay in to Boris Johnson, who is pipped to become the next Prime Minister as he goes head to head with rival Jeremy Hunt. To cheers from crowds waving blue glow sticks in the air, he told Boris: “You […]

EU summit: Who will replace Jean-Claude Juncker?

EU leaders are on Sunday meeting in Brussels to decide who should get the EU’s top jobs. The rare Sunday summit was called after EU leaders failed earlier this month to agree on candidates for the Commission president’s job and other top posts. These include European Council president, high representative for foreign policy, European Parliament […]

Theresa May makes veiled attack on Boris Johnson's Brexit policy

Theresa May has made a thinly veiled attack on Boris Johnson’s “do or die” approach to leaving the EU on 31 October, insisting that the right approach for Britain was to leave with a deal. Attending her last EU summit in Brussels as prime minister on Sunday, May took aim at the approach of the […]