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Tory leadership: Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson to address NI members

Image copyright Reuters/PA Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will make their pitch to be the next prime minister to Conservative Party members in Northern Ireland on Tuesday. The two candidates for the Tory leadership have been taking part in a series of party events across the UK.Northern Ireland Conservative members will get a chance to […]

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan could prove fatal to Tory party, says former leader William Hague – live news

William Hague, the former Conservative party leader and former foreign secretary, has written a candid column (paywall) in the Daily Telegraph today about the Tory leadership contest. You would not guess it from the rather dull headline the paper has put on it – in the paper edition, “We Tories face a tough choice, but […]

Moment Brexit Party MEPs anger EU as they turn their backs on European anthem

Brexit Party MEPs shocked the opening session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg by turning their backs on the EU anthem. The MEPs from Nigel Farage’s party kicked off their time at the European Parliament in dramatic fashion. The 29 Brexiteer MEPs carried out the orchestrated move as soon as the Ode to Joy began […]

Jeremy Corbyn calls for ‘thorough’ probe into civil servants claiming he is ‘too frail’ to be prime minister

The latest headlines in your inbox The latest headlines in your inbox Jeremy Corbyn has called for a “speedy and thorough” independent probe after senior civil servants allegedly claimed that he is “too frail” to be prime minister. The Labour leader said the matter had “undermined confidence in the principle of civil service neutrality” in […]

Tory leadership: The constitutional crisis facing the next PM

Image copyright EPA It’s hard to think of political circumstances less conducive to calm reflection and sober judgement than this Tory party leadership contest. The party picking the UK’s next prime minister is in turmoil. It is spooked to its core by the Brexit Party’s sudden surge and terrified of a general election, and the […]

Boris Johnson ‘plans to cut Cabinet by half’ by scrapping government departments to save £8bn

BORIS Johnson could be set to slash the Cabinet in half by scrapping whole government departments in a bid to save £8bn if he is elected Prime Minister. The Tory leadership hopeful is reported to be considering a move to abolish or merge departments such as Justice, Transport and Work and Pensions. 2 Boris Johnson […]

Tory leadership race: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to face Brexit questions in Northern Ireland hustings

The latest headlines in your inbox The latest headlines in your inbox Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will face further questions about their Brexit plans at a hustings in Northern Ireland as the race to Number 10 continues. The pair will visit Belfast on Tuesday where they are likely to be grilled on their proposals […]

MPs face significant rise in threatening letters since Brexit referendum

MPs have faced a significant rise in the number of threatening letters sent received since 2016 amid fears they have been targeted because of their beliefs on Brexit . Figures released by the Metropolitan Police under the Freedom of Information Act show a jump in letters being sent with the intent to cause distress, from […]

Boris Johnson pledges to increase stop and search powers

Conservative leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson has said he would increase stop and search powers in a bid to tackle rising knife crime in the UK. Answering questions from Tory members over the phone, Johnson admitted extra funding was needed to support police in order to beat the “nightmare” issue. “But it’s also about giving police […]

Ex-Chancellor George Osborne divorces wife Frances after 21 years of marriage

GEORGE Osborne is divorcing wife Frances after 21 years of marriage, the ex-Chancellor announced tonight. The couple – who have two children – said they would remain “good friends” but had mutually decided they should separate. 4 George Osborne is divorcing his wife FrancesCredit: PA:Press AssociationIt comes as Mr Osborne, now editor of the Evening […]

Councils 'in the dark' over future funding amid cash warnings

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Councils have a legal duty to provide a range of services, including waste collection Councils in England and Wales have warned they are “completely in the dark” about how much money they will get from central government next year.The Local Government Association says councils need “urgent guarantees” they will […]

Home Office advice on trafficked women from Nigeria sparks outrage

Home Office officials have provoked outrage by stating that trafficked women from Nigeria can return to the country “wealthy from prostitution” and “held in high regard”. The comments are found in an official policy and information note on the trafficking of women from Nigeria, which is used by Home Office decision-makers handling protection and human […]

Brexit latest: Jeremy Hunt makes vow to leave EU sooner if he becomes PM

Taunting his rival, the Foreign Secretary also claimed he would get Britain out of the EU before Mr Johnson because he is better at getting deals done.But he hinted that Brexit might have to wait until 2020 if he is prime minister as he refused to set a limit on how long he was prepared to […]

Tory leadership: Jeremy Hunt sets 30 September 'no-deal deadline'

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionJeremy Hunt: Who is the Conservative leadership contender?Jeremy Hunt has said he will decide by the end of September whether there is a “realistic chance” of reaching a new Brexit deal with the EU.The Tory leadership contender said he would deliver a provisional “no-deal Brexit budget” in […]

Far-left Momentum activists will try to kick Boris out of Commons as soon as he sets foot in No10

FAR-LEFT activists will try to kick Boris out of the Commons as soon as he sets foot in No10. Pro-Jeremy Corbyn supporters are launching a fresh drive to boot out the Tory PM hopeful at the next election. 2 Lefties are trying to boot Boris out of his seat alreadyCredit: PA:Press AssociationThey are kicking off […]

Brexit: Hunt sets deal or no-deal deadline for 30 September – live news

At the last election Conservative politicians often accused Labour of resorting to “the magic money tree” to fund its promises. Even though Labour’s manifesto had details of how it would raise money for these commitments, the jibe was intended to show that Labour’s commitment to fiscal rigour was bogus, and that the party just expected […]

John McDonnell accused of tax raid on Londoners over proposed lifetime gifts levy

The latest headlines in your inbox The latest headlines in your inbox John McDonnell was accused of a tax raid on Londoners today after claims that eight in 10 homes would be hit by a planned levy on children given property by their parents. Tories calculated that nearly three million homes in greater London would […]

Tory leadership race: Senior Conservatives blast Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s economic plans

The latest headlines in your inbox The latest headlines in your inbox Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt’s economic plans came under fire from senior Conservatives today who condemned “random” spending commitments which made Labour look like “fiscal moderates”. Nicky Morgan, chairwoman of the Commons Treasury committee, led the criticism after both contenders to be prime minister […]

Who are the Brexit Party’s mystery prospective MPs?

The Brexit Party paraded 100 prospective MPs in front of a 5,500-strong crowd on Sunday – but refused to name any of the candidates.Featuring fireworks and glowsticks, the party’s Big Vision Rally, at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, had “the sort of razzmatazz more usually seen at a concert than a political rally”, says The Daily Telegraph.The candidates […]

The Tories are fighting to survive and we are paying the £20bn price

We have travelled a long way from the buccaneering spirit of the Leave campaign in the EU referendum. Britain, we were told, would prosper as a proud, independent nation. EU countries would be queuing up to sell us their cars, prosecco and cheese, they said. Three years on and the political party which imposed Brexit […]

EU summit: Leaders resume talks after disagreement over top jobs

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Rivals for the presidency, Margrethe Vestager (liberal, Danish); Frans Timmermans (centre-left, Dutch); Manfred Weber (centre-right, German) EU leaders meeting in Brussels remain divided over who should get the EU’s top jobs, including a successor to Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker.Talks resumed over breakfast on Monday morning, after the member countries failed […]

Kevin Maguire: Blame for no Brexit must be snake oil salesman Boris Johnson's

Brexit bluster smacks of Boris Johnson preparing to let down hoodwinked Tories after conning them into crowning him Britain’s next Prime Minister. The serial liar’s ignorance and oscillation, changing his mind more often than his socks, is a klaxon heard by all except his fanatics. Johnson’s built a career on treachery and, should he reach […]

Lib Dem leadership: The candidates trying to stop Brexit

Image copyright PA Media/Getty Images A great deal of attention is focused on the Conservative Party as it chooses the next prime minister, but the Liberal Democrats are also busy picking a new leader. The outcome could have an impact on what happens with Brexit.Why does the Lib Dem leadership matter?Despite only having 12 MPs, […]

Voice of the Mirror: May's legacy will be topped by theft of free TV licences

Theresa May’s legacy will be topped by the theft of free TV licences from 3.7 million pensioners unless in her final days she heeds the sensible advice of Gordon Brown, the Labour former PM who introduced the benefit for over-75s. Thrashing about in Britain and traipsing the world in search of reasons to be remembered […]

Wetherspoons' Tim Martin makes BRILLIANT Brexit point about what UK is fighting for

The Wetherspoons boss and Brexiteer delivered a rousing speech during the Brexit Party ‘Big Vision Rally’ where he told a 5,500-strong crowd “democracy works” and it was “strange” that it wasn’t being accepted by “highly educated people in the UK. The 64-year-old, a long term Brexit advocate, warned Remainers “we don’t want a deal and […]

New face of Irish republicanism vows Sinn Féin will never take seats in Parliament

Sinn Féin’s MPs will never take their seats in Parliament, vows Mary Lou McDonald , the first woman leader of the Irish republican party in modern times. Gerry Adams ’ successor locks and bolts the door to leave zero possibility of the seven walking into the House of Commons chamber where they could swing votes […]

£10bn needed to mend ‘pothole plagued’ roads putting lives in danger, MPs warn

BRITS lives are being put in danger by a “pothole plague” on the country’s decaying local road network, powerful MPs declared last night. The Transport Select Committee said nearly £10 billion was needed to fix roads – and demanded the next PM set up a five year plan. 1 Lives are being put in danger […]

Tory leadership: Jeremy Hunt pledges £6bn for farmers in no-deal Brexit

Image copyright Reuters Tory leadership contender Jeremy Hunt is to outline his plans for a no-deal Brexit, including a £6bn pledge to the fishing and farming industries.Setting out what he would do as PM, Mr Hunt will say farmers and fishermen “face uncertainty” if there is no deal, but that he will “help smooth it […]

Nigel Farage: Brexit party is ready to fight every Westminster seat

Nigel Farage has promised that his Brexit party will have candidates ready to fight in every Westminster constituency within days, as he said he would battle hard even against a Boris Johnson-led government that promised a no-deal departure. Speaking at a noisy rally in Birmingham, which saw the first 100 candidates paraded before the crowd […]

Theresa May hits out at Boris Johnson’s Brexit deadline approach

The latest headlines in your inbox The latest headlines in your inbox Boris Johnson’s “do or die” attitude to the October 31 Brexit deadline is not the right approach, outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May has suggested. Mr Johnson has taken a hardline stance on leaving the EU by the end of October, as well as […]