How to Encourage and Support Your Employees

How to Encourage and Support Your Employees

As a boss you have a million and one jobs that need doing, problems that need solving and plans that need implementing. In the mayhem, it’s easy to lose focus on on-going tasks such as keeping your employees happy. Yet your team can actually make the biggest difference in how efficiently a company runs. Here’s what you can do to help and support your staff so they’re the boon to the company you always hoped they would be.

Help to Develop Them

Never lose sight of your employees’ goals and dreams, otherwise their enthusiasm will wane and so will their productivity. Organise courses so they can learn new skills. These could be skills that would be useful in different positions at work, opening up new paths of progress.

Give them new tasks and responsibilities that play to their strengths so they can see that you believe in them and that their role is developing and continually interesting.

Reward Them

This helps staff to feel special and wanted. It also feels good as a boss to show appreciation for when someone’s done a good job. It might be a simple line of praise at the end of the day that puts a smile on their face – this is especially effective if you let them know why their work was so valuable to you and the business.

Alternatively, you can surprise them with a wonderful gift. Whether they’re in-house staff or remote workers, sending chocolate hampers to employees across the UK will always be a popular idea. Spoiling them like this will help them to cherish you, their role and the company they work for, making them feel valued and good about themselves.

Communicate Properly

Poor communication can lead to staff feeling lost, unappreciated and confused. It can even make it look as though you don’t care about them. When you explain what you want from them, make sure you provide examples of how they can help – don’t simply expect them to know already. You need be approachable, so they can give you feedback as often as you do to them. Constantly check that all your team members are clear about what they have to do, comfortable with it, and ask them whether they have any problems.

It’s all about investing time in staff welfare. If each employee feels like you care about them and their opinions, they’ll reward you ten-fold. And treating them to a lovely gift every now and then won’t do you any harm either!

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