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Fifty years of HIV: how close are we to a cure?

Nobody knew what killed Robert Rayford. The African American boy was just 15 years old when he presented at St Louis city hospital in late 1968, but the medical team drew a blank. Unexplained swelling in Rayford’s genitalia soon spread throughout his body. Chlamydia bacteria, usually localised at the point of entry, coursed through his […]

Record number of NHS patients join pioneering trials at London trusts

The latest headlines in your inbox The latest headlines in your inbox Record numbers of NHS patients are being enrolled for clinical trials — with eight London trusts among the top 20 offering pioneering studies. Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals — which includes Evelina London Children’s Hospital — was the most active research trust in […]

Group B Strep: NI parties call for mothers-to-be screening

Image copyright Getty Images Northern Ireland’s politicians have jointly called for Group B Strep screening for all pregnant women. Group B Strep is the most common cause of serious infection in newborn babies in the UK. A cross-party letter has been sent to Department of Health officials.It says it is unacceptable that a baby born […]

Cocaine can ROT your skin and genitals – as drug is cut with dangerous cattle de-wormer, experts warn

9COCAINE users are being warned their skin and genitals could ROT away because the drug is being laced with dangerous cattle de-wormer. Around two thirds of the Class A drug smuggled into Britain is cut with levamisole, which is fed to cows and horses. 9 This woman, who had been taking cocaine laced with de-wormer […]

The Handmaid’s Tale comes to life in Alabama. Women must heed the warning | Zoe Williams

Marshae Jones was five months pregnant when another woman, Ebony Jemison, shot her in the stomach, in an Alabama town called Pleasant Grove. The 27-year-old Jones survived but the foetus, hit by the bullet, did not. Jemison successfully pleaded self-defence, since her gun was drawn in the middle of a fight that Jones reportedly started […]

Stomach bloating: Five top tips to beat the bloat before bed – have you tried this?

Stomach bloating describes those collection of symptoms that affect the tummy, such as an uncomfortable stretching sensation. It usually happens after an intense bout of eating and drinking. For some people the problem can occur all too frequently. Bloating often occurs in the evening time, when you should be winding down, disrupting your sleeping patterns. […]

Leading scientists urge Facebook, Twitter and Google to crack down on 'dangerous' anti-vaxx content

Leading scientists urge Facebook, Twitter and Google to crack down on ‘dangerous’ anti-vaxx content and say governments should require jabs by lawExperts from universities in the US and UK worked together to publish a warningThey said anti-vaccine beliefs are a ‘dangerous and wholly unnecessary crisis’Governments should require children to be vaccinated by law, they said By […]

FDA ties three deaths to Edwards Lifesciences' recalled heart devices

(Reuters) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Monday three deaths had been reported related to Edwards Lifesciences Corp’s recall of some of its heart devices. The agency said the company’s voluntary recall of its IntraClude intra-aortic occlusion device in May has now been classified by the FDA as Class I. Class I […]

Missouri woman, 38, says 'lone star' tick bite gave her a severe meat allergy

A Missouri woman says a bite from a lone star tick gave her a severe allergy to meat and several other foods. Kristie Downen, 38, of Peace Valley, was bitten by the arachnid in July 2015. At first, she didn’t think anything of it because she’d been bitten several times before.But soon she started to develop […]

Trump immigration proposal may mean sick kids lose health benefits

A Trump administration proposal to increase the odds that immigrants will be deemed “public charges” ineligible for government health benefits may result in millions of kids becoming uninsured, a study suggests. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in (unseen) attend a joint news conference at the presidential Blue House on […]

MPs ‘are twice as likely to suffer from mental health compared to those in other high-income jobs’

MPs are twice as likely to suffer from mental illness as people in similar high-income jobs, a poll reveals. And their risk of having conditions such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks is a third higher than the rest of the UK. 2 MPs are twice as likely to suffer from a form of mental […]

Now you can bag tea with vitamins – for three times the price! 

For centuries, tea has been Britain’s favourite beverage. Traditionally, there have been two choices: black tea, with milk or without.Now the market is overflowing with different selections that range from fruit-flavoured to green, and herbal to spiced tea.These alternative products are now thought to account for at least a third of overall tea sales in […]

Three in four MPs ‘probably have poor mental health’

Three out of four MPs probably or definitely suffer from poor mental health, the first study of psychological wellbeing among parliamentarians at Westminster has found. Members of the House of Commons are much more likely than either the general population or people in other high-level jobs to be troubled by distress, depression and similar conditions, […]

Best supplements for the brain: The plant-based capsule proven to boost cognitive function

The brain is an important part of the body to take care as it controls almost everything we do. It performs critical function in controlling the heart, breathing and consciousness. A healthy diet has been recognised as keeping brain health in tip-top same. Age UK says “we are what we eat”, and states nutrients such […]

Unhealthiest places to live in Britain revealed – how does your neighbourhood fare?

2LONDON’S Soho has been revealed as the unhealthiest place to live in Britain by scientists. The area of Westminster in the capital came out top of the pitiful pile thanks to its high levels of air pollution and lack of green spaces. 2 The healthiest place in the UK was revealed as Great Torrington in […]

How to get rid of visceral fat: Four foods to help lessen the harmful belly fat

Visceral fat is considered detrimental to a person’s health because it can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and heart disease. Health concerns surrounding it exist because of where it’s stored in the body – in a person’s abdominal cavity next to many vital organs, such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. […]

This is how much sun cream your family should pack for a two-week holiday

How much sun cream do you take away on your summer holidays? A couple of bottles? Perhaps half a dozen for the whole family if you’re heading for a fortnight in the sun? Well, it turns out you’re probably travelling a little too light. A family of four – two adults, two children – should slather and […]

TV presenter Seema Jaswal's meningitis horror as medics thought she'd taken DRUGS

Presenter Seema Jaswal is a familiar face to millions of sports fans worldwide. She fronts coverage for the Premier League and is currently a TV host at the Cricket World Cup. But one night as a ­teenager, she felt as though she had been on the wrong end of a fight as a ­virulent form […]

Alcohol's secondhand harms prevalent among U.S. women and men

(Reuters Health) – Just like cigarettes, alcohol creates secondhand harms, a new study suggests. Over a 12-month period, more than one in five women and nearly one in four men experienced some harm related to someone else’s drinking, in a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. “One of the key […]

Hay fever WARNING: Pollen-bomb to strike Britain this week – what to expect      

THE UK had its hottest day of the year at the weekend, as temperatures soared across the country. The so-called Sahara Bubble was responsible for the scorching conditions, which brought hot weather to the UK from northern Africa. A cooler week ahead may sound like respite, but it will spell trouble for hay fever sufferers […]

Which is the most hayfever-prone city – and is 'botanical sexism' to blame?

In 2016, Melbourne experienced a rare and extreme case of “thunderstorm asthma” that led to ten deaths and 8,500 people being admitted to hospital in one day. Ambulance dispatchers struggled to cope with 1,900 calls in the space of five hours, and one hospital ran out of Ventolin asthma inhalers. The storm had caused grass […]

Hundreds of obese Britons have been 'fat shamed by the NHS'

NHS is forced to apologise after hundreds of obese Britons complain they have been ‘fat-shamed’ by health professionalsPatients filed a total of 332 complaints to the NHS over three yearMother was reportedly threatened to be reported over her son’s weight issues Obesity expert warns patients should ‘face the truth’ that ‘being fat is deadly’By Alexandra Thompson Senior […]

Minute by minute, how cocaine wreaks havoc on your body – and its deadly long-lasting effects

3COCAINE wreaks havoc on the body from the moment it’s snorted, smoked or injected. Within seconds it enters the bloodstream and begins its assault on your brain. 3 This graphic shows what happens to your body 5 minutes after taking cocaine, 30 minutes and a few hoursIt creates a euphoric high, but this is short-lived, […]

NHS oncologists are being offered shares in private hospitals. This must stop

If you knew your medical consultant could make a profit from the cancer treatment he or she recommended for you, would you still feel confident it was the right treatment for you? For the vast majority of cancer patients in the UK this question never arises. The NHS insulates patients from the conflict of interest […]

The Sun launches its End Of The Line campaign to show the devastating impact cocaine use can have on mental health

5COCAINE use has doubled in Britain in the last five years and it’s creating a mental health time bomb. More than a million Brits have put their lives on the line by using it in the last year, with many seeing it as a drug without consequences – even though experts warn it can trigger […]

'A child can't breathe. The parents hang up before I get the address': my job as a 999 call-taker

Monday Today’s eight-hour shift starts in style. A colleague takes a call from someone who will only swear at her, refusing to answer any questions. Two minutes later I get the same caller, who says I’m a useless pain in the arse. I persist, coolly asking for his address; eventually he gives it to me. […]

I'm a sucker for happy endings but sometimes I just need to read a story about defeat | Lee Kofman

Earlier this year I appeared on a television morning show to discuss the many scars that crisscross my body. The scars are a result of several childhood misfortunes, and I was invited to talk about how my scarred body has affected my life – my sense of self, the choices I’ve made, the opportunities I’ve […]

Apple-shaped women twice as likely to suffer heart attacks as pear-shaped females

Apple-shaped women are twice as likely to suffer heart attack because they are storing fat around the stomachStoring fat around the stomach significantly raises the risk of heart diseaseFat is packed around major organs and releases harmful chemicals into bloodStudy tracked 2683 women who were healthy weight over 18-year periodBy Eleanor Hayward Health Reporter For The […]