Four Challenges Facing UK Businesses in 2022

Four Challenges Facing UK Businesses In 2022

Things are finally starting to look more optimistic in the UK when it comes to getting back to the new normal. More and more of the government restrictions are rolling back, travel is back on the menu, and it no longer seems weird to go out for a night on the town. But when it comes to business, there are still plenty of challenges out there. We have all learned how to roll with the punches over the last couple of years, but few of us can afford to keep treading water. The time has come to move ahead, but it is sensible to be cautious. Here are some of the biggest challenges on the way and how we can face them.

There’s Still a Lot of Uncertainty

Let’s face it, we have all got used to hearing one thing from the government only to have it reversed a few weeks later. Making sure that we have a back-up plan has become second nature at this point, and if you want to keep moving forward in the months ahead then you need to continue making plans for worst case scenarios. Talk to your suppliers about how they are managing shortages and delays. Talk to your delivery partners about how rises in costs could affect them. We simply cannot afford to continue banking on everything running smoothly.

How Do We Work Now?

One of the biggest talking points throughout the past couple of years has been the return to the office. It seems hard to believe that we are two years on from March 2020 and so many people are still working from home. However, there is now a big push to get everyone back into the office space and we need to make sure that we are doing so responsibly. Think about offering a hybrid work set-up if you can. Be honest with your team about who needs to be in and when. Make sure that you are cleaning your office space thoroughly. The mobile UVC sanitising solutions provided by VIOA will kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. They are fast-acting, easy to use, and they offer a range of payment options to make sure their products are accessible.

Customers Want Answers on Climate Change

Every business is going to need to be able to show that they are committed to the environment in the months ahead. Customers are becoming more discerning about their brands regarding environmental policy, so look for ways that you can make greener choices. For example, can you use only recycled and recyclable packaging in your deliveries? Don’t be afraid to publicise your efforts on social media and on your website.

Cybercrime is Still Rising

One of the biggest issues that every business has been dealing with in the last couple of years has been the rise of cybecrime incidents. As much as we would like to believe that the improving cybersecurity technology and increased government awareness of this issue will mean that these attacks will subside, the experts warn have warned that they are not going anywhere. Talk to an IT specialist about where your business is most vulnerable.

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