I was sent a job rejection letter that patronised me so much it sent me into a fiery rage

A WOMAN was left in a “fiery rage” after a potential employer sent her a patronising rejection letter.

Tamsyn Fox shared a photo of the note on TikTok and said she felt belittled by its content.

Tamsyn Fox said she was sent into a 'fiery rage' after receiving a job rejection letter


Tamsyn Fox said she was sent into a ‘fiery rage’ after receiving a job rejection letterCredit: TikTok/ pur_purblock
She said the note was patronising and among the worst she had ever seen


She said the note was patronising and among the worst she had ever seenCredit: TikTok/ pur_purblock

She captioned the clip: “Thanks for patronising me into a rage that can only be described as ‘fiery’”.

The letter was supposedly meant to be motivational, boasting the line “every great success story ends with a failure.”

But the message clearly missed the mark for Tamsyn as she claimed it was “worst rejection letter she had ever received.”

It began: “Hello Tamsyn, we’ll cut to the chase. Your application wasn’t successful.

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“And who knows, maybe we’ve made a big mistake.”

It then listed a couple of famous people who had suffered setbacks in their own lives.

The letter read: “Albert Einstein couldn’t under job as a math tutor for kids, and Spielberg got rejected from film school.

“Crazy, right?

“We guess the point is, every great success story begins with little failure.

“We’ve had our fair share of failure too.

“Even though you won’t be joining us just yet, who knows what the future holds?

“Perhaps you’ll prove us wrong. We certainly hope so. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

The rejection letter clearly struck a chord with TikTok users as the clip raked up more than 23,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One wrote: “I’d rather be unemployed for the rest of my life than ever work for that company.”

A second penned: “Urgh they sound like they do team building exercises and family bbqs.”

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A third TikTok said: “I guess they’re trying to be quirky and cool in their rejections and completely missed the mark.”

While a fourth added: “I just need to know how this company decided that this was not the worst idea imaginable.”

The rejection letter in full


The rejection letter in fullCredit: TikTok/ pur_purblock


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