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6 Main Topics of Microsoft 98-349 Exam That You Need to Master Before Evaluating Your Knowledge Level with Practice Tests

6 Main Topics of Microsoft 98-349 Exam That You Need to Master Before Evaluating Your Knowledge Level with Practice Tests

For the individuals with little or no experience in the field of IT and those who want to start their career with a focus on Microsoft products and services, the MTA credential is a great place to start their journey for a certificate. By going through the certification process, you will be exposed to the fundamentals of Windows OS as well as the basic knowledge you need to launch a career in IT with an emphasis on Microsoft technologies. The MTA badge offers the candidates with no experience in the IT industry the opportunity to take up the entry-level job roles. In addition to this, it also creates an excellent foundation on which you can build your professional path.

Microsoft Certification: Windows Operating System Fundamentals is a prerequisite exam for obtaining the MTA certificate. Since this is an entry-level certification test, there are no requirements for it besides learning all the necessary topics. It is recommended that you have a good understanding of the concepts and technologies that are covered within the exam content.

Target Audience for Microsoft 98-349 Exam

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft 98-349 is designed for the aspiring IT specialists. The target audience for this exam includes the high school and college students who want to build their career in the Information Technology sector. In addition to them, the individuals in other fields who want to land a career in IT can also consider the MTA certification as a good start. The home PC users can also pursue this credential.

Peculiar Features of Microsoft 98-349 Exam

The ExamSnap 98-349 Exam Dumps test consists of 40-60 questions with the time limit of 60 minutes for the completion. You will come across questions of different formats that may include multiple choice, drag and drop, active screen, and others. You can explore all the possible types if you click the “Variety of Questions” link on the exam page. There you can watch video tutorials on how to deal with the questions and which of the formats require to drag the answers to the other side of the screen or type the answer manually. The learners should note that there is no penalty for answering any question incorrectly. Therefore, ensure you answer all of them to enhance your chance of success. To pass this test, you are required to score at least 700 on a scale of 1000 points.

Microsoft 98-349 is administered through Certiport, which means that if you plan to take this test, you have to register for it on this platform. The details of the exam fee can be found on the registration page.

Skills Measured in Microsoft 98-349 Exam

Microsoft 98-349 measures a wide range of fundamental skills and knowledge. It is crucial that the applicants develop the required skill set before attempting this test. In this overview, we will highlight the specific topics and subtopics that you have to explore during your preparation phase. It is essential that you go through the exam webpage to read the comprehensive details of these objectives.

  1. Understand Operating System Configuration: This domain covers 15-20% of the exam content. It measures the candidates’ abilities to:
  • Configure desktop settings;
  • Configure native tools and applications;
  • Configure control panel preferences;
  • Configure and utilize management tools;
  • Configure mobility settings.

2. Install & Upgrade Client Systems: This topic makes up about 15-20% of the whole content and focuses on one’s specific skills covering the following:

  • Identify Windows OS (Operating System) editions;
  • Identify upgrade paths;
  • Understand OS architecture;
  • Understand installation types.

3. Manage Applications: This objective comes with about 15-20%, and the areas that will be tested include the skills required to:

  • Configure applications;
  • Configure antivirus settings;
  • Configure UAC;
  • Understand services.

4. Manage Files & Folders: This subject also covers 15-20% of the entire content. The areas that will be evaluated within this domain include the following:

  • Understand file systems;
  • Understand encryption;
  • Understand file & print sharing;
  • Understand libraries.

5. Manage Devices: This topic area also covers about 15-20% of the whole exam content. It aims to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the test takers required to carry out the following functions:

  • Connect devices;
  • Understand storage;
  • Understand system devices;
  • Understand printing devices.

6. Understand OS Maintenance: This domain covers around 15-20% of the content of Microsoft 98-349 and is designed to measure your skills in performing the following tasks:

  • Understand backup & recovery techniques;
  • Understand maintenance tools;
  • Configure updates.

These are the areas of focus for Microsoft 98-349 that you need to master if you want to get the MTA credential. The best part is that there are many study tools that you can use to achieve success in the test at your first attempt. First of all, check the exam page for the materials that Microsoft offers. The company provides a training course with a qualified instructor who will lead you through all the topics and answer all the questions you may want to ask. This is very convenient but requires a certain price. You can also take a practice test and evaluate your level of knowledge with its help.

In addition to the official resources provided by Microsoft, you can also explore the prep tools available on the ExamSnap platform. You will find various study materials that guarantee your success, including relevant and up-to-date exam dumps that are free for everyone. You can also purchase the premium bundle that contains 210 practice questions with answers, 50 video lectures, and a study guide with more than 270 pages. You can combine all these resources with the official ones to get the most out of your preparation time.


Since MTA is an entry-level credential, it is possible and even advisable to go to the certification path of the next level to earn more advanced badges. This will boost your career and help you grow in the field of IT.

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