Do You Want to Be a Blogger? Here You Are Some Tips How to Write a Perfect Blog-Post

Do You Want to Be a Blogger? Here You Are Some Tips How to Write a Perfect Blog-Post

Famous bloggers earn thousands of dollars per month. But to tell the truth, they deserve it. Just have a look at their posts. Will you be able to stop reading it somewhere in the middle? No, it will be bothering you until you complete it and move to one more blog post. Hence, to become a famous and well-paid blogger, you need to know their secrets. Here, on custom essays in UK, we will share some of the most important secrets of good writing. And who knows, maybe in a couple of years, we will be reading your blog non-stop.

Here we go, with the most useful tips about how to write a successful blog post.

Practice Is Everything

This would be our main tip. You can learn a lot of theories, read a lot of books, blogs, scientific publications but if you don’t write, all the theory will never work for you. Of course, all your theoretical knowledge will be of great help when you start writing, but for that, you actually should start writing. Moreover, most likely, you will need to write a lot before your posts will get their readers.

Plan Your Post

Sometimes, you might believe that you can write about something immediately, right at the moment when you get to your computer. If you have that crazy inspiration, just go on with writing. But later, you will need to return to the very first stage, just to check if everything has been done as you would like to. This very first stage is the blog post plan. Yep, even here, you need a detailed plan. If you don’t ignore this stage, your blog post will be well arranged and logical. Readers love it.

Headline Is of a Special Importance

Internet reality is harsh. Your potential readers will not even start reading if they do not like the heading. If you don’t catch their attention immediately, you will lose them, most likely, forever. Select a catchy headline for your post. There are some rules about how to write them. Here, we will give just the basic ones, but you can make your own research and select a way that works for you:

  • A heading should not be too long, it should be perceived as a single unit;
  • Any heading is memorized better if you use numbers in it. Use uneven numbers, with the same purpose: to make the heading stay in the memory of a reader longer;
  • Address it to your target audience: a heading for a post written for teenagers will be completely different than a heading for a post crafted for senior people;
  • Make it sound appropriate to your blog post. By the way, “proper” means not only in accordance with the post tone. It can be also something shocking, something that your audience doesn’t expect to see.

Select Catchy Images for Your Post

They should be in the tone of your post. By the way, make sure that you aren`t breaking copyright law or any other norms and regulations by using the images.

Some Words About Writing

Now, it is the turn to talk about the writing process. If you manage it properly, your blog will have the expected success. We are not going to speak about grammar or some lexical means. It is evident that you should already know about them as much as possible. Here, we are going to discuss something else.

Always select a topic that is interesting for you. Only if you love the topic, your blog post will live. And never forget one simple thing: a bored or uninterested author is the death of any blog. So, never write if you are tired, bored or simply do not have enough inspiration. Readers are not stupid. They will feel it immediately. And now, think: how can they be interested in your post if you yourself aren`t?

We hope you agree with this point. Now, the time for a little secret came. And we bet it will surprise you and give you more hope. A blogger doesn’t need to know everything about everything. In fact, you don’t need to know anything at all about the topic you are going to write about. Research is everything. The web has information about everything, and your natural curiosity is your best friend. If you are going to write a post about trends in the cosmetics industry, research the topic and find interesting or maybe even shocking facts. If your blog is of scientific nature, check publications, conferences, and so on.

And finally, whatever happens, always check the facts. One small lie, if discovered, can cost you reputation and your blog – the future. Always verify all the information that you are posting unless you are writing a blog about some funny things or just expressing your opinions.

Now, you know the main secrets that can make your blog viral. It is time to learn more about smaller things and write your first blog post. Do not worry if it takes months or even years for your first blog post to appear. It happens, you will start it when you are ready and feel the needed potential to handle it in that powerful way that distinguishes great bloggers of our time.

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