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Wind blows frozen sand into incredible sculptures by the water’s edge

These incredible natural sculptures were made by the wind blowing through frozen sand (Terri Abbott / Facebook)

Nature has produced yet another interesting spectacle: frozen sand whipped up into incredible shapes by frigid winds.

The above picture was captured in the US and posted to Facebook.

It shows sculptures on the Lake Michigan shoreline in a town called St. Joseph.

Over time, the strong winds coming off the water erode away the dunes and leave these majestic sand towers.

Sadly, the sculptures don’t last too long as they depend on the cold weather for their structural integrity.

As soon as the temperature warms, the sand unfreezes and becomes loose again.

The above picture caused a stir on Reddit where it was also posted and received over 9k upvotes.

‘I lived along the Lake Michigan shore for 40+ years and never saw anything like it,’ another Redditor commented.

Have you ever seen anything like this in the UK? Let us know by emailing

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