Wartime economy: Can G7 stare down Russia over Ukraine?

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Who has got who over a barrel? G7 leaders are pushing the idea of capping the price they pay for Russian oil and gas, effectively forcing Moscow to choose whether to supply at a discount or cut off the revenue stream of its pipelines.

As energy prices soar at the outset of the summer travel season, we ask our panel who blinks first and whether Moscow’s gains on the ground in eastern Ukraine are at all offset by sanctions that have now triggered Russia’s first debt default since the 1990s.

Far from the front, the developing world is feeling the pinch of inflation and the Kremlin’s blockade of grain exports through the Black Sea. How does the G7 fight food insecurity. More broadly, how does it make global supply chains less dependent on tyrants and more sustainable in the face of not just war but also a climate emergency?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Elise Marné and Guillaume Gougeon.

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Read more analysis on the war in Ukraine © Studio graphique France Médias Monde


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