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One newly essential way of beating the indoor blues since going into semi-lockdown has been to slowly flick through the Guardian website and app feature “Best photographs of the day”, magnified to almost full screen on my tablet. What was once merely an appreciation of handsome images by talented artisans, has now become an indispensable window onto the outside world.
Gavin MacLean

• Alastair Campbell’s piece (Stay active and curious: 20 tips to help avoid sadness in lockdown, 7 April) contained 20 useful ideas. One question re No 10: is he using the bagpipes to make music, or to enforce social distancing?
Jonathan Wheeler
Birstall, Leicestershire

• Your feature (The prime of Richie Richardson: one man and his West Indies sun hat, 7 April) quotes the cricketer Richie Richardson’s words: “The hat is part of me.” And the square cut!
Patrick Brittain

• Bet there are currently fewer traffic accidents and deaths (Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds, 7 April).
Emma Tait

• Treasure the young dandelion leaves for salads now growing in abundance. Useless later.
Patricia Lambert
Kenilworth, Warwickshire

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