Teacher who said ‘I just need to get laid’ sacked for sexual comments to pupils

Luke Snoswell made a series of lewd comments towards pupils and colleagues at the Wellington Academy (Salisbury Journal/Solent News & Photo Agency)

A science teacher who thrust his hips in class to ‘simulate sex’ with a pupil has been banned from teaching.

Luke Snoswell, 34, made at least nine lewd comments over the course of just one lesson at the Wellington Academy in Wiltshire, where the Duke of York is president.

A tribunal heard that Snoswell made an inappropriate remark while a pupil was bent over a desk, encouraged two of his students to ‘shag’ and made a ‘popping’ noise when referencing the loss of virginity in class.

He also subjected three female colleagues to comments which amounted to sexual harassment, telling one he wanted to ‘break her in half’, the court heard.

While teaching at his previous school he asked a colleague: ‘Want to get drunk with me and break some bed strings sometime?’ and told another ‘I could have bent you over and f***** you up the arse’.

Snoswell has now been banned from teaching indefinitely after the tribunal in Coventry, West Midlands.

The court heard he was head of physics at the £32 million Wellington Academy for children aged 11 to 19, which was opened in 2011 by Prince Andrew, for one year.

During a revision class he told a pupil bent over a desk they were ‘assuming the position’, before moving behind them and making ‘thrusting motions’ to simulate sex with the ’embarrassed’ pupil.

Snoswell told another student: ‘Why don’t you just shag him and see what happens?’

He taught at special needs school Fair Ways, in Southampton, for three years before moving to Wellington Academy, where he was accused of similar inappropriate behaviour, including messaging a colleague: ‘Think I just need to really get laid lol Tinder not doing me any favours.’

The Professional Conduct Panel ruled Snoswell cannot reapply to teach again.

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Their report said: ‘Mr Snoswell exhibited behaviour on more than one occasion that did not recognise professional boundaries with colleagues.

‘The panel also found proven a number of highly inappropriate comments and gestures of a sexual nature made towards pupils during a physics lesson.

‘Mr Snoswell demonstrated extremely limited insight into the impact of his actions on his colleagues and on his pupils.

‘This was despite having a number of opportunities in the previous three years to demonstrate insight into his behaviour and show remorse for the impact of his actions on others.’


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