Mum says children ‘will be killed’ because of selfish drivers parking near school

Mum Stacey Revell walks her sons Freddy, 9, and Ronny, 7, to Scartho Junior Academy in Grimsby and fears for their safety (Picture: Grimsby Telegraph/MEN Media)

Parents have issued a dire warning that a child will be killed unless ‘stupid’ drivers are stopped.

Mum Stacey Revell walks her two young boys to Scartho Junior Academy in Grimsby every day, and says there have already been a few ‘near misses’ in the first week back.

Inconsiderate drivers have been parking across pavements, doing three-point turns and blocking driveways.

Even principal Neville Rice was verbally abused while advising parents not to park near the school.

A pupil was knocked down outside the school two years ago and parents like Stacey fear it will happen again.

She said: ‘It is just a matter of time before a child gets killed.

‘I have seen two near misses this week. I nearly got hit by a car when it pulled up on the pavement. There are others trying to do three-point turns.

‘It is the same cars every day, we are back to stupid parking again. It is a danger to all the children.

School leaders have urged parents to be considerate when dropping their children off but some don’t listen (Picture: Grimsby Telegraph/MEN Media)

‘There is plenty of space for people to park and walk down to the school but they don’t bother.’

Mr Rice said the problem returned soon after lockdown, adding: ‘Some parents were rude to me and swore and said that as soon as I walked back to the school they will go back to parking where they want.’

At nearby Tollbar Academy in New Waltham, parents have been seen parking between the traffic light crossing and the bus stop.

Cars are often left idling with indicators on, appearing as if they are not parked, to avoid prosecution.

Parish councillor George Baker said he was subjected to abuse from one parent who parked on his driveway.

He said: ‘They are lazy and if you challenge people you get a load of abuse. I had someone telling me off for asking why they were parked in my driveway.

Inconsiderate drivers park across pavements close to schools in Grimsby (Picture: Grimsby Telegraph/MEN Media)

‘To cap it off they tipped their car ashtray on to my lawn.’

Parents at Edward Heneage Academy have claimed some drivers will reverse the whole length of a street rather than park further away and walk.

Residents near Cleethorpes Academy took matters into their own hands by blocking off the entrance to their road with wheelie bins.

A spokeswoman for the Tollbar Academy Trust said they were unaware of problems at the Tollbar site.

She said staff are on hand morning and evening to monitor their 900 students.

‘This has made a big difference to child safety,’ she said. ‘We are unaware of any further parking problems.’

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