A pudding company will pay you £15 an hour to eat free dessert at home

IF you fancy getting paid to eat dessert at home (and really, who doesn’t?) then we’ve found your new dream job.

Pudding company Pots & Co is looking for a pudding taster to join its team for £15 an hour – nearly double the minimum wage for those aged 25 and over at £8.21.

 Pots and Co is hiring a new pudding taster for £15 an hour


Pots and Co is hiring a new pudding taster for £15 an hourCredit: Pots & Co

You’ll get paid to do nothing but eat pudding from the comfort of your sofa – and the treats will be sent to you for free by the company.

Pots & Co makes puddings ranging from vanilla and raspberry pots to salted caramel and chocolate ganache.

They’re on sale at supermarkets including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco with the prices starting at £1.50 for a 90g pot.

Once you’ve gobbled up the desserts, you’ll need to give your honest feedback on the flavour, appearance and texture of them.

The company’s job ad on LinkedIn also asks that you’re able to “clearly and consistently describe products and the differences between them”.

Other requirements include having a “clear passion for puddings in all shapes, sizes and flavours”.

You’d be required to taste the puddings once a month for the remainder of this year.

Unfortunately, if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, then this position might not be suitable for you, as there will be products that include gluten, nuts and dairy.

But if you’re a budding pudding connoisseur, apply by emailing jobs@potsandco.com, with 150 words explaining what puddings mean to you.

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Or you could post your application on your LinkedIn profile with the hashtag #sweetestjob.

Recently Mars also started hiring professional chocolate tasters – and you’ll be paid up to £10.80 an hour.

The Queen is looking for a chef to create a menu of “diverse meals” at Buckingham Palace – and you can get paid £22k a year.

While Aldi is after 30 wine tasters to try bottles of plonk for free.

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