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Zalando moves more stores online


Zalando moves more stores online

German online retailer Zalando is moving more stores online amidst countries having to resort to lockdowns again to curb the spike in coronavirus cases. Zalando had been preparing for a second wave of coronavirus infections well before countries began reenacting lockdown measures. The news was reported by Reuters.

Zalando had already been anticipating these lockdowns and has invested in more COVID-19 tests and ventilation for warehouses. The company is also planning on paying employees bonuses of 584 dollars for working during this time. Zalanda will also be waiving commissions through March to help brick-and-mortar stores sell more products. Zalando is also making a 50 million dollar investment to triple the number of stores that can sell through its online platform.

The second wave of lockdown hasn’t caused the steep decline in shopping demand that the first lockdown has yet, although Zalando has said that it has caused slowdowns in delivery of stock. Despite the hit a lot of retailers took due to coronavirus this year, things are actually looking up for Zalando. Sales were up 22 percent in the third quarter and shares have risen over 90 percent this year.

photo: via zalando.com


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