You’ve been scraping ice off your windscreen all wrong… and the right way is so much quicker

ALTHOUGH it’s been a relatively warm winter so far, temperatures have certainly dropped in recent days – which means frosty windshields in the early hours of the morning.

While there are many products on the market to help clear the ice, a savvy mum has come up with a genius solution that costs next to nothing.

To avoid leaking, Amelia recommended a zip lock food bag


To avoid leaking, Amelia recommended a zip lock food bagCredit: TikTok/@milliejordana

Amelia Jordana Donne shared her trick on TikTok, where it’s gone viral with almost 485 thousand views.

”When your neighbours been stood scraping for hours and you chuck them your bag of warm water,” she said whilst demonstrating how little effort it took to get rid of the frost.

Within a few seconds, Amelia’s windscreen was all clear – and it took virtually no scrubbing.


Despite her trick, some viewers were not so convinced, with one writing: ”I’m pretty sure that would clear with the wipers, it’s certainly not ice.”

”Sooooo no one buys de-icer?” another person was wondering.

A fellow TikToker pointed out: ”Isn’t there a risk the temperature change could cause the glass to crack?”

Someone had tried the hack but with no success: ”It just froze straight away again when I tried this 😕 de icer is only thing that stays.”

Others were more concerned about the neighbours, like this person who joked: ”Hours ? What they using a tooth pic?”

”Mate is takes less than a minute to clear your car scrapping,” another agreed.

”Nope I just push my heated windowscreen button 30secs,” one suggested a different method.

Plus, drivers should pack their cars with five essentials before hitting the roads in sub-zero temperatures this week.

And keep an eye out for these crucial road law changes in 2022 – or face fines of up to £10,000.

Meanwhile, motorists have also been warned to avoid icy patches and slippery road surfaces by making sure their tires are in tip-top shape.

One TikToker had suggested using cold water works just as fine


One TikToker had suggested using cold water works just as fineCredit: TikTok/@milliejordana
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