YouTube duo Come Curious celebrate sex being ‘fun, stupid, gross, gory and full of pleasure’

The YouTube duo are ready to debunk all your misconceptions about sex (Picture: Come Curious)

YouTube duo Come Curious have revealed all about their new podcast F**ks Given.

The pair – Florence Barkway and Reed Amber – are here to destigmatise conversations around sex, taking to YouTube to debunk misconceptions.

Chatting to Metro.co.uk, they recalled their incredibly apt origin story.

‘We met each other working on a porn set in London so it was inevitable that sex was going to be a hot topic between us,’ they told us.

‘We started talking about sex online because there is such a lack of information online and not enough people are talking about! People’s views can still be a bit archaic when it comes to the down and dirty, which is why it’s so important for voices to be heard talking so open and honestly about it all.’

‘We both love sex (obvs), and we think it’s a subject worth discussing. The more you talk about sex openly and honestly, the better sex you can have!’ they added.

In the aftermath of the Little Mix/Piers Morgan/Ariana Grande drama, it’s clear that women are still criticised for speaking openly about sex and their bodies.

However, the duo aren’t standing for it.

‘Society isn’t ready for people having loads of sex, it tells you you’re not allowed to have too many fucks before you get married or get in a serious relationship,’ the girls explain.

‘Especially women, we’re really thrown under the bus when it comes to having a high number. People often think it’s cheap or slutty to have lots of sex. Why should women have to have less pleasure in their life than men? On the flip side, men can get a lot of grief for having a low number.

‘Whatever your number is, it should NOT matter.’

They’re not holding back in their new podcast (Picture: Come Curious)

And there are plenty of misconceptions out there about sex.

‘The biggest misconception we’ve come across if that people think if you have a lot of sex it means you’re a whore,’ Florence and Reed told us.

‘We have SO many comments on YouTube calling us all sorts of names for talking openly about sex.  We believe that people should be free to have as many or as little sexual experiences as they desire as long as it’s all consensual.’

However, the girls are all here for public figures like Ariana speaking out about women being sexually empowered.

‘It’s amazing that people in the limelight are talking so openly about sex. People need to use their social influence to encourage positive sexual discussion to help educate others.

‘Instead of just commenting on sex, talking about it from a personal point of view makes it more relatable and helps other people feel more confident about themselves.

They’re all here for public figures speaking out about sex (Picture: Come Curious)

‘Amber Rose has made massive waves with her Slut Walks, encouraging people to celebrate their sexual experiences. Niki Minaj gets really deep in her lyrics –  she speaks about rimming assholes!’ they said.

‘We need to be talking about these things because the more we talk openly about it, the more it de-stigmatizes sex. Ultimately, the less we feel ashamed about sex, the better sex we can all be having!’

We’re living for the unashamed openness.

So what can we expect from the podcast?

‘All we have done whilst recording this podcast is laugh, which is what sex should be about. Sex should be fun, stupid, gross, gory and obviously full of pleasure, the last of which you’ll find plenty of in F**ks Given,’ they revealed.

‘It’s full of detailed, honest descriptions of the sex lives of us and our guests – an inclusive place that people can talk in detail. We get deep. If you’ve ever had any thoughts about trying new kinky things out, we have your back.’

Well that’s good to know, girls!

You can listen to F**ks Given on iTunes and Acast.

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