Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS: New York – Studio 54

Dark limousines turn onto 54th Street in Manhattan and stop in front of an excited crowd. Celebrities, actors, musicians get out and make their way through the packed crowd towards the entrance of a nightclub. The wet, shiny asphalt reflects the lights of the billboards, steam rises from the manhole covers and envelops the hectic gathering in a mystical shimmer. The club emitted the feeling of being at the most exclusive party in the world. Everyone wanted to be there, but not everyone got in.

Welcome to the Club – Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS invites you to the most famous nightclub in the world, Studio 54. No club is more legendary and mythical than Studio 54, a place that promised magic and orgy, madness and chaos in a unique mix. This nightly spectacle quickly became the place of all places, where anyone who was anyone had to be.

Club of Gents


In the 1970s, a new music genre was in vogue: Disco. The most successful album Saturday Night Fever broke all records. Disco was more than just a music, disco was an event, disco was a way of life. People met in nightclubs and danced, took drugs and were sexually active. In keeping with the glitter lifestyle of the Seventies, formal wear for Fall-Winter 2022 is interwoven with lurex threads. The jacket (CG Parker) with leather lapel and matching pleated trousers (CG Peter) shines on any dance
floor. The velvet vest (CG Paddy-JK), also with leather lapel, sparkles in the light of the disco ball. Looks full of light reflections form the outfit for partying through the night until dawn and beyond.

Shortly after opening, Studio 54 made international headlines. The nightclub struck a nerve and offered people an unprecedented kind of fun in a still conservative US society. What had been a hidden and outcast underground until then was suddenly thrust into the glare of the mainstream. Never before had gays and straights, young and old, black and white, conservatives and birds of paradise danced on the same dance floor. And never before had the world‘s most famous people mingled with ordinary party people. Grace Jones, Andy Warhol, Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Rod Stuart, Halston – The list goes on.

Club of Gents


Groundbreaking fashion trends emerged from Studio 54. The club scene dressed eccentrically and celebrity designers came to be inspired. In true Andy Warhol style, wearing a black suit and white turtleneck, the fall-winter collection is dominated by contrasting colors, enhanced by metallic accents like silver. A superfine turtleneck sweater (CG Pierce) in black and offwhite is considered the basis for the look with a suit jacket. A real showstopper is a suit jacket in snakeskin-look (CG Pat-J) with leather lapels. For the first time in the collection of Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS: a two-button coat with leather lapel (CG Piper-K). As accessories, the bow-tie set (CG Pixton) in silver or black shiny lurex underlines the perfect disco outfit.

Club of Gents


The table is festively set. A fresh floral scent fills the room. For the wedding season in the second half of the year, the boho colors Nature, Sage, Peony and Pebble are reinterpreted. The models are among the classics of the collection. Made in structured wool stretch, they take on the lightness of a summer style that can be perfectly incorporated into fall-winter. The Dream can go on!

Club of Gents


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