Young engineer carves soldiers' names on pencil, enters Asia Book of Records

Perambra: VS Yadhupriya, a civil engineer from Cheruvannur, has won ‘Grandmaster’ title in the Asia Book of Records by carving names of soldiers on pencil lead.

She carved names of 21 soldiers, who won Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military decoration. From Major Somnath Sharma to Sanjay Kumar, this young artiste carved the name of each Param Vir Chakra awardee, honouring their contributions.

“It was not easy to carve on pencil lead. The pencil lead had broken many times when I tried to carve the name and my hand also got injured with the knife. But after repeated efforts, I could overcome the challenges. I carved names of 21 brave soldiers on 21 pencil leads,” said Yadhupriya.

Before winning the title of ‘Grandmaster’ in Asia Book of Records, she had entered in India Book of Records for the pencil carving.

“I came to know about pencil lead art through an Instagram group. Realizing the scope of the micro art, I started to focus on it,” explained the young artiste.

“I have great respect for soldiers, so I decided to carve their names on pencil lead. India Book of Records officials had given seven days to complete the work. I was directed to record the video of each day’s work and forward to them,” Yadhupriya narrated her journey to win the records.

Yadhupriya who was interested in painting during childhood has not attend any painting classes. She used to create paintings with pencil, charcoal, colour pencil and graphite pencil.

Yadhupriya is the youngest daughter of Velayudhan and Sobha. She completed B Tech in civil engineering from Mukkom KMCT college.

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