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When it comes to beauty, some of us are a little hesitant about trying out the new stuff. It’s not like clothes where you can wear this today and that tomorrow with zero commitments. Switching up your skincare every one to two business days can create pure havoc in your skin.

It’s also hard to ditch your favoured foundations or concealers as that risk of spending on a product that doesn’t quite suit your undertones is not always worthwhile. If we’re talking hair, you often don’t want to trial a product that will set back all the work from the trusty hair masks you have been clinging onto for dear lockdown life. I mean, it makes sense…

However, one thing we have learned in recent times is that in this life, experimenting is key and as long as you do your research, you’re good to go. There are so many developments on formulations and just when you think you can’t get any better, here comes a brand new innovative and game-changing brand to make you ditch your trusty day-ones.

According to the Cosmetify index, which is research conducted by Cosmetify, where they rank the world’s biggest beauty brands on factors such as their social reach and engagement, there were a few new stand-out brands gaining traction in the last few months. Here are three that if you haven’t heard much about them yet, trust us, you soon will.

PÜR ranked number one with an increase of 337.90% in search. The brand launched a whole collection dedicated to iconic Barbie doll’s big 60th last August. Other popular products in the collection include a 4-in-1 offering with products such as SPF tinted moisturiser and brow pencils, and many other makeup essentials.

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Kitsch is best known for its fun hair accessories and slogan bobby pins featuring words like ‘Drippin’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Vote’ seen on the likes of Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Hailey Bieber. A true political statement wrapped around rhinestones like any cool girl would. Granted, in a pandemic, rhinestones has not been the go-to accessory for many people, but the brand’s wide offering of cotton and satin face masks, pillowcases and scrunchies has made them very popular in the last couple of months.

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Merci has a pocket-friendly, handy, clean and colourful range of products like hand creams, hand cleansing gels and bath essentials. Of course, in the last couple of months, this category of beauty has been in high demand, but we don’t see it decreasing any time soon.

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