You can now get Play-Doh in ‘grown-up’ scents including ‘overpriced latte’ and ‘smoked meats’

For adults who want a bit of play time (Picture: Hasbro)

Nothing says adulting like Play-Doh.

That’s what the Hasbro brand is hoping as it has released new Play-Doh for adults which come in ‘grown-up’ scents.

You will be able to play with dough that smells like ‘overpriced latte, ‘smoked meats’, and ‘freshly-cut grass’.

There is also ‘spa day’, ‘dad sneakers’, and ‘mom jeans’.

Play-Doh for Grown-Ups ‘is the semi-childish fun you deserve to have every once in a while,’ according to the Amazon listing.

Reports of the new product say it will be exclusively available on Amazon and Walmart.

It seems Amazon shoppers are especially keen as the product has already sold out.

We guess there is an appeal to working away your pandemic stresses with a bit of mindless Play-Doh fun.

The overpriced latte is an integral part of adulting (Picture: Hasbro)

The scented product line was inspired by ‘comical trends, iconic themes, and pop culture favorites,’ according to a spokesperson.

Over on the Amazon listing, it states: ‘It won’t solve your first world problems, but it’s a great gift for men or women, fun white elephant gifts, stocking stuffers, fidget desk toys, gag gifts.’

It adds: ‘Being grown-up doesn’t have to stink: This variety pack of funny themes can also be funny anniversary gifts for mom and dad, a fun touch to your groomsman or bridesmaid gifts, and more.’

Freshly-cut grass, anyone? (Picture: Hasbro)

While many of us might think it’s an adult spin on a kid’s plaything, Play-Doh for Grown-Ups is actually a nod to its earlier days.

Invented in the 1930s as a wallpaper cleaner, Play-Doh was used to clean soot and dirt from wallpapered walls.

With the popularity of vinyl wallpaper and the decline of coal furnaces, Hasbro rebranded the item for kids.

And now it’s harking back to its initial demographic.

It may be the perfect gag gift this Christmas for someone who needs to just have a bit of play time.

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