You can now buy Christmas pudding-flavoured fudge in the shape of a vagina

The fudge is completely vegan too. Bonus (Picture: Getty)

Nothing says Christmas like a slab of fudge in the shape of a vagina.

And the good news is, the Fudgina (yes, Fudgina) now comes in a delicious Christmas pudding flavour. To make it extra festive.

The novelty fudge suppliers Fudgeina specialise in the quirky, vajayjay-inspired sweets – and you can send this one directly to your friends this Christmas, to make them feel really special.

‘Made with luscious dark vegan chocolate and juicy plum flavouring, this one is sure to get Granny going back for seconds,’ reads the website.

‘Finished with an edible snow glaze and a holly vajazzle, it literally can’t get any more Christmassy!’

So if you have friends or family who would just love to chow down on a novelty vulva this December, now you know exactly what to put on your shopping list.

You can even customise your gift by adding a vajazzle set including three vegan icing tubes in black, red and green to personalise your fudge vagina. Or you can add a condom to the delivery ‘to let your friend know what you expect them to do with it…’

The festive fanny costs £11.99 with free postage – with a little bit extra if you want to add the vajazzle or condom.

The company launched in December 2018, and at Easter they launched a special edition Creme Egg flavour.

But you can also opt for strawberry, vanilla, or a solid chocolate vagina if you’re not into fudge.

This truly is a gift for the entire family to enjoy.

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