Yes, Sex/Life's Adam Demos Really Stripped Down for That Shower Scene

If you’re like us, Netflix‘s new drama Sex/Life is making you sweat this summer.

The NSFW series, which premiered Friday, June 25 on the streaming service, has viewers tweeting up a storm and it’s all thanks to the Sex/Life stars Sarah ShahiAdam Demos and Mike Vogel. The title certainly gives it away that the buzz-worthy drama has plenty of sexy scenes, but one moment seems to be the break out.

We’re, of course, talking about Adam going full frontal for a jaw-dropping shower scene. While female nudity is common in cable and streaming shows, it’s still rare to see male actors go buck naked for a part. So, you can understand why everyone is fascinated with this spicy scene.

Namely, many have been curious to learn whether Adam really stripped down fully for Sex/Life or if he used a body double. Thankfully, in a recent interview with Collider, showrunner and creator Stacy Rukeyser weighed in on the appendage that’s broken the internet.


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