Yamaichi connector for high data rate vehicle applications – Electronics Weekly

Continuous loads of up to 20A and peaks >40A are not uncommon and clearly show the growing user profile.

The “hot-plug” and “always-on” requirements have also been part of OEMs’ specifications for some time.

Yamaichi  has developed an interface for this called Y- CCC,  standing for Yamaichi-Car-Computer-Connector.

With this hybrid connector, it is possible to accommodate the requirements for power, signals and high-speed data in one receptacle size and to transmit them accordingly.

In order to meet the high demands of the automotive industry (vibration / shock etc.), the materials and the design were laid out and internally tested according to the common automotive standards such as LV214 and VDA.

The  current configuration of the Y-CCC connector system is as follows:

• 56 signal contacts

• 48 differential pairs for high-speed transmission up to PCIe 4.0

• 8 power contacts up to 20A

• TH reflow solder version

• Screw mounting of the backplane connector


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