Xbox Series X ‘quick resume’ will pick up games after a reboot

The forthcoming Xbox Series X will have a ‘quick resume’ feature that is able to pick up where games were suspended, even after a reboot. The feature was discussed on the official Xbox Major Nelson podcast between Xbox Live’s Larry Hyrb and director of product management Jason Ronald (via The Verge). 

The current Xbox One has a version of this where it can resume games, but according to Hryb the Series X takes that one further by being able to resume several games even if they are in a suspended state.

“[A feature] I’m really excited about because I’ve had a chance to use it in the lab … is quick resume, which is going to be available for multiple games … But then I had to reboot because I had a system update and then I went back to the game and went right back to it. So it survives a reboot,” said Hryb.

The latest generation of home game consoles are stunning achievements, but with the new dawn of downloaded games, DLCs and console updates, Microsoft has had to find a way around the possibility gamers would lose progress if their Xbox suddenly needs an update.

Dashboard updates, for example, tend to barge into your gameplay to update. It also means you can ditch your game at any point and pick up again without saving – technically.


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