X Factor and Voice singer Natanya Brook died suddenly while playing video game

X Factor and Voice singer Natanya Brook has died whilst playing a video game.

Natanya, who took part in auditions for both telly reality shows, was also a huge video game fan and had turned semi professional.

She suffered from epilepsy and was playing X Box at night when she suddenly passed away mid game, an inquest heard.

Natanya, or Tanya as he friends called her, was in a virtual reality room with friends as she played the night before and into the morning of her death.

An inquest heard she was still up until at least 2am last August 1 when she suddenly stopped talking and went quiet.

Her mum, Jenny Brook, found her lying up against the bed and thought she was asleep in the morning when she checked her room at their home in Aylesford, near Maidstone, Kent.

Semi-professional gamer Natanya Brook died age 23 while playing on her X Box

When she returned a few hours later and Natanya was in the same position, she knew things weren’t right.

After she attempted CPR and rang the emergency services, Natanya was pronounced dead by paramedics.

The court was told Tanya was a talented gamer who would “light up any room she was in” during an inquest at County Hall in Maidstone.

Her mum Jenny, told the court Tanya’s gaming friends remembered hearing her say “ooh, I feel…” and then silence.

Jenny said of her daughter, who was also her full-time carer: “It’s like a light switch went out. That brings me a little bit of peace as I know she wasn’t in any sort of pain as they would have heard it.

“I still have a gaping hole in me and miss her as she was such an amazing bright light in my life.”

Former landlady Jenny added: “Tanya was my best friend.

“I told her everything and she told me everything. Even some of the things I didn’t want to know.

“She had the best sense of humour, and nobody I know had a bad memory of her.

“Tanya was a real people’s person and could easily stop people arguing. This girl was beyond amazing.”

She added that her daughter was a passionate gamer who played at a “very good” level on a team.

Coroner Bina Patel was told Natanya had been drinking vodka and coke at the time of the game and was last seen her mum at around 2am on August 1.

She had a history of absent and vacant seizures from the age of six, including childhood absence epilepsy – a condition where people have a sudden loss of awareness and stare into space for a few seconds.

As a young child she would zone out, and her mum saved her from danger.

A post-mortem report from Dr Deirdre McKenna revealed no abnormalities in any of Natanya’s major organs.

She said she was not able to find the exact mechanism which caused her death.

But she found that on the balance of probabilities the medical cause of death was sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

Jenny said: “We always told Tanya her epilepsy was a diagnosis and not an excuse to not do anything, and that’s how she lived her life.

“She changed people’s lives whether it be encouraging people to sing or making them smile.

“She just had this ability to pull people towards her. I don’t think there is any more she could’ve done in her 23 years.”

Tanya, who also was known by some as Pickle, was born in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

She is survived by her parents Jenny and Leslie, brother Emmett, her grandmother and many friends and family.

Coroner Bina Patel concluded: “Natanya Brook was found in her bedroom at her home address on August 1 where she died of unknown but natural causes, likely because of problems connected to epilepsy.”

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