World Cup 2018: news and reaction as England set up Croatia semi-final – live!

Preamble (180 minutes from home)

Flipping heck. This was not supposed to happen. Football was not supposed to come home, not really. It was only meant to threaten to come home, to offer the tantalising but never-to-be realised prospect of coming home. Like Chekhov’s gun, forever in view but destined to remain unfired. Now, 180 minutes from football actually coming home we’re dangerously close to it going off. How are we to process this absurdity?

Well, by pumping out memes and jumping through bus shelters, it appears.

London 999 Feed

#Clapham #SW11
⚠️The public are being reminded to stay safe. Reports have come in of a male jumping up and down on top of a double decker bus who then proceeded to jump onto the top of a @TfL Bus Shelter and consequently fell through it. @TfLBusAlerts Video @mecafolidas

July 7, 2018

On this page for the next few hours we can attempt to make sense of it all by sifting through the details of England’s routine (yes routine – hubris be damned) – World Cup quarter-final victory over Sweden. After that there’s the altogether more dramatic Croatian victory over Russia to attend to before casting early glances ahead to the midweek semi-finals.

To convince me this is all not a well-rendered fever dream please send me your emails and tweets. Emails to and tweets to @JPHowcroft.

James wants it to come home, and they’ve introduced a boomerang metaphor into the conversation for good measure.



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