Worker leaves furious note after making shock discovery in office fridge – but angry letter is dividing opinion

A FUMING worker left an angry note in the office fridge after making a shocking discovery – but the irate letter has divided opinion.

The message – typed in capital letters and expanded to take up an entire A4 piece of paper – took aim at the employee who dumped a ginormous watermelon on the office fridge’s top shelf.

The size and placement of the watermelon in the office fridge caused a stir


The size and placement of the watermelon in the office fridge caused a stirCredit: Facebook


A pic of the letter, which had been stapled to the plastic bag containing the huge piece of fruit, was shared on Facebook.

The fuming woman responsible for the post said: “In the fridge at work.”

Thousands of people responded to the hilarious post – with many in stitches at the thought of someone getting so angry over a piece of fruit.

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One said: “Someone was so mad they took the time to type, change the font size, and print this out.

“They then went to staple it to the thing. This watermelon ruined their weekend.”

Another wrote: “Go big or go home. They went big, then went home. Best of both.”

But others said agreed would be annoyed if they opened up the work fridge to find a massive watermelon taking up a whole shelf.

One said: “100 per cent relatable sign. Worked many jobs with office fridges. That’s some unnecessary bu*****t right there.

“I’d take that f***ing thing out in a heartbeat, if I couldn’t fit my own s**t.”

But others pointed out the real problem is the tiny size of the fridge.

One said: “The real concern is why is the fridge so tiny?”

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Another wrote: “Top shelf so if the shelf breaks it takes everything else out with it.”

Finally, some questioned why the watermelon needed to be in the fridge in the first place.


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