Women are twice as likely to lose their jobs to robots as men are, alarming new report reveals

WOMEN are twice as likely to lose their jobs to robots as men are, an alarming new report reveals.

Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of Brits in industries at high risk from automation are women, a study by the IPPR think-tank found.

 Women's jobs are under threat from robots, a damning report revealed


Women’s jobs are under threat from robots, a damning report revealedCredit: Getty – Contributor

That is because women are more likely to work in retail and administrative jobs which could be done by machines.

In total, one in ten female workers are at high risk of being squeezed out their jobs by robots.

In contrast, just four per cent of male workers are in the danger zone.

The think-tank said the new PM should embrace the rise of the robots to boost Britain’s economy.


But they warned Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt must pump cash into retraining women.

While schools and tech businesses must do more to get females into high-skilled tech jobs.

Carys Roberts, chief economist at IPPR and lead author of the report, said: “The Government – and the new Prime Minister – needs to engage fully with business and industry to accelerate automation across the UK economy, with all the advantages that will bring.

“But the new PM needs to enable working women to lead that process so that they are not further disadvantaged in the work place.

“He will also need to act to ensure that women both young and older are able to access the good new jobs of the future, and share fully in the benefits these changes will bring.”

They said if firms fail to reach targets of 30 per cent women on boards by 2020, then new laws should be introduced to force a 50-50 split by 2025.

The IPPR also called for the minimum wage to be put up £9 an-hour.

They also called for pension auto-enrolment to be rolled out to include those earning less than £10,000 a year.

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