Women are still doing the majority of the housework, study reveals

How are the chores split in your house? (Picture: Getty/iStockphoto)

In news that will come as no surprise to 50% of the population, women are still doing the lion’s share of domestic chores, according to new research.

Worryingly, it does not appear to be a small gender inequality, with over half (54%) of women saying they do all the housework in their home.

Fitted furniture specialists Hammonds Furniture surveyed 2,000 Brits to find out which chores we loathe the most, and how we divide them in our households.

Nearly one in five men surveyed (17%) admitted that their female partner does the majority of the housework, compared to just 6% of women who said their male partner does the majority of the housework. 

Having one person take responsibility for all the household chores is also a source of tension, as 22% said they argue with partners over them not pulling their weight, making it the most common cause of arguments with loved ones and housemates.

Over a third (37%) admitted to spending less than two hours each week tackling jobs like laundry, vacuuming and dusting.

However, our cleaning time seems to increase with age as 5% of those aged 65 or older spend more than 10 hours a week doing odd-jobs around the house.(Retirement is likely a big factor in this).

So, which household jobs give us the most stress, and which ones don’t we mind?

Hoovering came out as the nation’s favourite household task with 13% of Brits saying that it is their top job to complete around the home. 12% say doing laundry is their favourite chore, putting it in second place.

However, those clothes might have to stay creased after they’re washed, as ironing came in as the most hated household duty, with 17% of votes.

Cleaning the oven was also revealed as one of the most hated household errands; 13% confessed that they dread the task, placing it as the second most hated bit of housework.

‘An easy way to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed with a list of chores is to tidy as you go, making sure items are put away when they’re no longer being used,’ says Kirsty Oakes from Hammonds Furniture.

‘Using storage for items and making sure everything has a place where you can store it is a great way eliminate any clutter and can make a space feel much tidier straight away.

‘For bigger tasks, it’s important to remember to split the load in your household and not let it be one person’s responsibility to do all the chores around the home. If each person in a home completes their own jobs, this can help ease the burden and lessen any friction.’

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