Woman told she can’t handle work as landscape gardener unless she’s a bodybuilder and people can’t believe her response

A WOMAN, who was turned down for a job at a landscape gardeners as she wasn’t a “body builder”, responded to the rejection with a savage reply.

Despite having experience in the role already the firm turned the woman, named Charlotte, down as they suspected she wouldn’t be physically strong enough for the position.

Charlotte was not impressed by the response she got from the landscape gardening company


Charlotte was not impressed by the response she got from the landscape gardening companyCredit: @dzzzny/Twitter
Charlotte explained that she had years of experience in the industry


Charlotte explained that she had years of experience in the industryCredit: Alamy

The professional gardener’s brother uploaded both the original message and her response to his Twitter account were it has amounted 600k likes.

The initial email read: “Thank you for you [sic] interest in the position and contacting me.

“However unless you are a bodybuilder I fear that you will not be able to handle the work load.

“As it is very physical and demanding as we are a hard landscaping company.

“If you feel you are up for it then feel free to contact me on the number below.”

Outraged by the response, Charlotte responded to the message with a strongly worded email.

She said: “Funnily enough, I probably have just as much experience bodybuilding as you do, which I’m guessing is none.

“What I do have is years of experience landscaping and also building retaining walls in 40 degree heat as I did this for many years while I lived in Australia.”

She went on to explain why she now wouldn’t want to work at the company.

Charlotte said: “What I do find challenging is working with small minded individuals such as yourself that I could probably bench press five minutes after being woken up from a three year coma, therefore I am no longer interested in this position.”

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The email was rounded off with a final flourish. She wrote: “I’m sure you will have no problem finding the correct individual at your next visit to the bodybuilding convention.”

Many people were impressed with the fiery message.

One said: “Why do these types think women are weak? I carry heavy speakers and a group of blokes offered to help and struggled and complained about the weight.

“So I took it off them and walked off. They started yelling how I must be a body builder – I’m 5’1. I’m not. I’m just used to it.”

Another agreed: “There are lots of female landscapers. It’s crazy that this person would be so closed minded.

“One of my best employees was a female and was probably strong than me on top of it.”

While others thought she had overreacted.

One said: “To be fair how do you know that the company at didn’t turn down non muscular mates?

“It may have nothing to do with her being female and more to do with first impressions of being 5f tall and 50kg.”

Another agreed: “He was giving her an opportunity not only to work but to change his perceptions.

“Instead her feelings got hurt and she decided to respond in a petulant manner. Just as well, judging from her attitude I doubt she would have been a team player anyway.”

People couldn't agree on whether Charlotte's response was perfect or too far


People couldn’t agree on whether Charlotte’s response was perfect or too farCredit: @dzzzny/Twitter

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