Woman ties mop handle to her daredevil cat to stop him escaping over 20-foot balcony

Cat hack stops pet from leaping from second floor balcony

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An escape-artist cat has been foiled by his clever owner after she devised a hack to stop him jumping off the balcony.

Kendal Greer attached a mop handle to the back of her cat’s harness. The smart contraption means that the daring kitty – creatively names Picasso Dump Truck – can’t fit through the bars on the edge of the balcony.

Kendal, who lives in Orlando, was shocked to see Picasso Dump Truck standing on the outside of the awning – 20 feet above the ground – when she moved into her new apartment.

Concerned her snowshoe cat would instinctively jump through the gaps to follow a bird, student Kendal knew she needed to come up with a way to keep him safe.

Kendal spotted her her Swiffer mop and unscrewed part of the handle, she then attached it to the side of Dump Truck’s harness with two zip ties.

Now, the two-year-old cat gets wedged between the balcony spokes whenever he gets too close to the edge of the platform – and he’s not exactly happy about it.

Picasso Dump Truck isn’t very impressed (Picture: @picassodumptruck/Kennedy News)

‘I originally tried a spatula, but it was too heavy,’ says Kendal.

‘I happened to walk past my Swiffer mop and realised that the pieces of handle were the perfect size and weight.

‘The harness worked! He tried to go through the bars a few times, but he got stuck every time.’

However, Kendal does admit that the harness wouldn’t stop her kitty if he tried to jump up and over – but hopefully he won’t figure that out.

The Swiffer handle is the perfect size and weight (Picture: @picassodumptruck/Kennedy News)

‘I never really intended for this to be used to keep him on the balcony for any extended period of time,’ says Kendal.

‘The balcony issue is pretty recent. The complex we lived in for over a year before had a screened-in balcony.

‘Dump Truck had a little door that allowed him almost unlimited access to the patio, so he was a little spoiled with all of the naps in the sun and birdwatching.

‘Now we live on the second floor and the balcony isn’t enclosed. I didn’t think this would be an issue since he never really tries to escape.’

Kendal had to get creative to keep her beloved kitty safe (Picture: @picassodumptruck/Kennedy News)

Kendal says she got a real fright the first time she let Dump Truck come outside on to the balcony with her. Kendal looked away for a second and the brave cat walked through the bars and stood unprotected on the outside of the awning.

‘Fortunately he didn’t jump,’ says Kendal. ‘I think he just wanted to stand there and observe, but I realised that if a bird or squirrel went by, instinct would take over and he would probably jump.’

Photos of Kendal’s contraption have been popular on social media. The funny pics were shared more than 20,000 times with other cat owners planning to copy her ‘genius’ invention.

‘Wow this is a must… Too bad my cat will literally jump right on top of the railings,’ said one commentator.

‘That’s literally genius,’ added another.

It might be a touch unconventional, but we are just happy that Picasso Dump Truck is safe.

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