Woman sparks intense debate online after packing lunch for boyfriend

Sweet gesture (Picture:@kiaraelaine__/Tiktok)

A woman who shared a video online of the lunch she prepares for her boyfriend has sparked an intense debate.

TikTok user @kiaraelainexx, from Australia, uploaded the video which has now received over 500,000 views.

In it, Kiara prepares a detailed lunch for her boyfriend before he goes to work.

The lunch includes yoghurts, dried apricots, banana chips, salami, grapes, cheese and crackers, popcorn, and a chocolate bar.

Making lunch for a partner seems like an innocent activity but some TikTok users criticised the act.

One commented: ‘It looks like an 8-year old’s lunch lol.’

While another wrote: ‘Get him to pack it himself ffs.’

Some believed the lunch was too small. ‘Now if I’m not going to be full off of this how is a grown man’ said one disgruntled TikTok user.

However, many others came to her defence, saying it was a very sweet thing to do for a loved one.

‘Maybe he asked for that stuff? I think it’s a really kind gesture you don’t get many people like this. I think it’s lovely’ said one supporter.

One viewer said she does similar. ‘I make my husband lunch everyday for him to take to work. I don’t have to make it, but I do as I love making his lunch & making sure he’s eating ok.’

In a second video on her page responding to the negative comments, Kiara said she makes his lunch because she makes her own at the same time. ‘Why not? At least then I know what he’s eating and that he is eating quality food that is going to give him energy to last throughout the day because he works hard.’

Underneath the post, she also added: ‘I enjoy doing the little things that make his day/life easier, and he couldn’t be more appreciative.’

Do you think packing lunches for a partner is unnecessary or a loving gesture?

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