Woman slams haters after 'savage' remarks made about her crop top in supermarket

A personal trainer received hundreds of negative comments after she wore her gym clothes to go to the supermarket, but others have told her to keep being ‘confident’

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TikTok user on getting ‘hate’ for wearing crop tops in shops

Almost all of us have popped to the shops in some sort of unconventional clothing – whether it’s grabbing dinner after a gym session or wearing your pyjamas and slippers to pick up some milk for your tea on a Sunday morning.

But one TikTok user has received harsh backlash after she wore her gym clothes to do her shopping – because her crop top was deemed inappropriate.

Sophie Allen, who posts under the username @sopheallen, posted a video of herself in a supermarket in which she was seen wearing workout leggings and a tight-fitting black sports top, the Daily Star reports.

On the video, the certified personal trainer wrote: “The hate you get being a female wearing a crop top in the supermarket just hits differently.”

Sophie claimed she received negative comments because of her outfit



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And commenters on the video were equally as critical of Sophie’s outfit choice, as they said the issue with her top was that it appeared to be a sports bra – which is usually worn with another top over it.

One person wrote: “That’s not a crop top though, that’s a sports bra. That’s like a guy walking in the store saying ‘The hate you get wearing just briefs in a store’.”

While another said: “Yes, there are basic dress standards – even for you – which includes wearing a shirt.”

And a third posted: “It might be because you’re treating a public space like a private space. Have respect for other people when you’re out. It’s not all about you.”

The personal trainer isn’t letting her haters knock her confidence



But Sophie hasn’t let the negative comments get to her, as she took to TikTok again to share the same video with a different caption.

She wrote: “I take it back … if you want to feel attacked – film yourself anywhere, ever, and carry a gym bag to the supermarket.

“Y’all are savage. Let a girl shop post-gym and create content.”

Commenters on the second video were much more understanding of Sophie’s decision to keep her gym clothes on while shopping.

Someone said: “You’ve worked hard, it’s okay to show what you’ve accomplished! Don’t let it bother you what other people think or say. They’re just jealous!”

As someone else commented: “The confidence you have is something to envy. Don’t be surprised reading these comments.”

And another wrote: “Your content is so motivating and it helps me stay consistent at the gym! I don’t why people think it’s strange for a creator to film themselves at a store.”

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