Woman 'sickened' at boozy No10 party on day her dad's death certificate was signed

The shameless Prime Minister was asked today whether he understood why Hannah Brady, whose dad Shaun died from Covid days before the infamous Downing Street BYOB party, felt sick when she heard about the gathering

Hannah Brady, whose dad Shaun died in May 2020, has said she felt sick when she heard about the party
Hannah Brady, whose dad Shaun died in May 2020, has said she felt sick when she heard about the party

Shameless Boris Johnson was today confronted with the words of a heartbroken daughter whose father died just days before the Downing Street BYOB party.

Labour leader Keir Starmer told the House of Commons he had spoken to Hannah Brady, whose father Shaun’s death certificate was signed on May 20, 2020 – the day of the infamous gathering.

Sir Keir, who branded the PM a “man of no shame” and called on him to resign, said: “Hannah Brady’s father Shaun was just 55 when he lost his life to Covid. He was a fit and healthy key worker.

“Her father died just days before the drinks trolley was being wheeled through Downing Street.

“Last year Hannah met the Prime Minister in the Downing Street garden. She looked the Prime Minister in the eye and told him of her loss.

Boris Johnson is facing calls to resign after fresh details of the party emerged



“He told Hannah he’d done everything he could to protect her dad.

“Looking back what Hannah told me was this – she realises that the Prime Minister had partied in that same garden the very day her dad’s death certificate was signed.

“What Hannah wants to know is this – Does the Prime Minister understand why it makes her feel sick to think about the way that he’s behaved?”

In response Mr Johnson said he “sympathised” with families like Hannah’s “who have suffered up and down the country”.

He added: “I repeat that I wish things had been done differently.”

This week an email emerged from Downing Street official Martin Reynolds inviting up to 100 staff to a gathering in the garden at Number 10 on May 20, 2020.

At the time, strict lockdown restrictions meant people could meet just one other person outdoors.

Shaun was a healthy key worker who was just 55 when he died


Daily Mirror)

Hannah, spokeswoman for the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Group, said her father, who worked at the Kraft Heinz factory in Wigan, was 55 and fit and healthy when he contracted Covid.

She said she and her family had done “everything they could” to keep him safe during lockdown.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Hannah wrote: “In September of last year you looked me in the eyes in the Rose Garden of Downing Street and told me you had done everything you could to save him.

“You saw photos of his last days that no one had ever seen before.

“It is now clear that whilst my dad’s death certificate was being signed and me and my younger sister were grieving alone, dozens of people were gathered, clutching a bottle they had been invited to bring, in the same place you told me you had done everything you could.”

Hannah is a spokeswoman for the Covid Bereaved Families for Justice Group



Addressing Mr Johnson directly, Hannah said he could “only imagine the pain, anguish and anger this news has brought to me and those of us who lost a loved one to Covid-19”.

She also urged him to apologise for the “additional hurt caused” by his reaction to being questioned by broadcasters about the gathering, saying he had “laughed, smirked and seemed to treat it as one big joke”.

The letter added: “It is simply a matter of common decency and respect for not only us or the British people, but the office you hold as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to tell us all whether you attended this flagrant breach of your Government’s own rules.

“My Dad didn’t have much in his life, but he had his integrity and a sense of right and wrong that he passed down to me.

“If you did wrong and attended this party, or knew of it happening, do the right thing and own up to it, before any investigation forces you too, not after.”

In January last year, Hannah told the Mirror she had “no confidence” that the Covid death toll – which at the time had just passed 100,000 – would not continue to spiral.

Sir Keir Starmer today described the PM as a “man with no shame”



Paying tribute to her dad, she said: “He knew he was a key worker, he said he had a duty to carry on going to work, he was proud to do it.

“He spoke to us a few times about it, he said that he felt safer at work than he did on public transport.

“He didn’t feel safe travelling to work.”

After he was admitted to hospital, he still continued to worry about work, she said.

“The last text I ever got from him when he was in hospital asked to me to ring his HR department, he didn’t want them to think he was skiving.”

Shaun had no underlying health conditions and lived an active life, but medics were unable to save him after putting him on a ventilator in intensive care.

“He went down the gym three or four times a week, and he loved healthy eating,” Hannah said.

Remembering Shaun, she said: “He was brilliant, he was really honest, and really kind.

“He would have given the clothes off his back if it would make me or my younger sister happy.

“People have said to us that he knew the risks, but he signed up for his job 34 years ago, he didn’t foresee the pandemic.

“Key workers are at the mercy of the virus in a job where they have to work.”

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