Woman shares guy’s painfully relentless efforts to chat her up at work

TikTok user Mickey Serbia-Ruiz has shared a video showing one man’s attempt to flirt with her when she clearly wasn’t interested and continued to turn down his advances

Mickey on tiktok, looking uninterested
She’s clearly not interested

Looking for love can be a difficult task and no matter how much you might like someone, sometimes you just have to accept that the person you’re trying to flirt with is just not that into you.

One woman has shared her experience with a man who wouldn’t quit on TikTok after he did his best to keep up a conversation that clearly wasn’t going anywhere while she was at work.

Mickey Serbia-Ruiz, from the US, wrote on the video that she was “just trying to do my job” when a man approached her and began asking about where she went to school.

In the clip, the woman tells the man she has graduated from high school and is now at college, although she lies and tells him she attends a college called Kent.

He then asks her to help him pick out some stickers, but she insists he’s “got it” and doesn’t need her assistance.

When he finally decides to pay for his items, he asks her: “Do you wanna know my pin?”, to which the woman again politely declined.

Once his transaction was complete, Mickey told him he was “all set” to leave, but even that didn’t stop his advances.

He asked: “Am I though?”

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The man then proceeded to ask Mickey if she has an Instagram account and wondered if she was “too cool” for the platform when she said no.

She told him he was ‘all set’ but he wouldn’t take a hint



She replied: “I don’t like social media. It perpetuates some bad vibes from people.”

The TikTok ended after the man asked her another onslaught of questions about whether she ever spends time at the beach, to which she continues to say no.

Take a hint dude!

Mickey’s video has been viewed over 8 million times between the original version and a repost which includes captions of their conversation.

Commenters were amazed the man continued to ask her personal questions despite her clearly being uninterested.

One wrote: “You literally COULD NOT act more uninterested and he STILL could not take a hint!!”

While another added: “Every time I thought he would be done talking he just kept going.”

And a third said: “Just a heads up men this ISNT playing hard to get it’s literally being uninterested and it won’t change.”

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