Woman shares 'genius' hack to keep family out of her room – but some say it's cruel

A woman on Reddit has said she keeps her nosy family members out of her bedroom by making the room too scary to enter – but some say her methods are going too far

A teenage girl laying on her bed with her mobile phone in her hand. She looks fed up and has one hand on her head to signify she is fed up and stressed.
The woman was sick of her cousins constantly coming into her bedroom (stock image)

When you’re from a big family, getting some privacy can be an absolute nightmare – especially when it comes to younger siblings and cousins.

But one woman on Reddit has devised a sneaky trick to solve that problem, by making sure no-one ever wants to barge into her room unannounced.

The woman explained her eight-year-old cousins are currently staying at her house and won’t stop “upending everything” in her room, so to keep them out she decided to scare them away.

The twin boys are terrified of spiders, so the woman printed out “massive spider posters” and hung them up on her walls and cupboards – and now her cousins are too scared to set foot in the room.

She played on their fear of spiders to stop them from barging in (stock image)


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She said: “My twin cousins have been staying with us for the last week while their parents are getting their house renovated.

“They’re insanely mischievous. They keep running into my room, upending everything, throwing all my stuff everywhere, trying different passwords to unlock my desktop. If I latch the door, they’ll bang at it until I let them in. Every time I or their parents yell at them, they get more amused.

“I discovered they’re both arachnophobic. So I printed out massive spider posters for each of my walls, my floor, cupboard, the side of my bed and my door. Now they cry every time they see them and can’t enter the room without looking at one.”

The young boys now keep begging their older cousin to remove the pictures so they can go back to their mischievous ways – and her parents think she’s being “cruel”.

She added: “I removed the one from my door when their parents complained but I’m keeping the ones in my room up to keep them out. Their parents are ok with that but the boys keep begging me to get rid of them and my own parents are telling me I’m being cruel.”

But commenters on Reddit insisted the woman’s plan was “genius” – with some saying she should go further and buy some plastic spider-themed Halloween decorations.

One person wrote: “As an arachnophobic, this is honestly genius. Kind of evil for sure but considering it’s your room, I tip my hat to you.”

While another said: “Drape fake cobwebs around the interior door entrance, against the closet and on the ceiling and watch them avoid your room like the plague!”

And a third posted: “You should deck your room out in as many fake spiders and cobwebs as the place will fit. You’ve found a sound deterrent.

“I don’t agree with your parents calling it cruel, because your room is not a common area. Kudos to you for figuring out a solution.”

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