Woman sells expensive earrings after husband’s mistress regifts them to her

A jilted wife sold the earrings her husband’s mistress sent to her (Picture: Facebook)

A woman who found out her husband cheated on her was shocked when his secret girlfriend had a gift for her.

The Australian wife received a pair of expensive earrings from Tiffanny & Co., which her husband had bought for his mistress, according to an ad she posted on Facebook.

But strangely, the mistress decided to regift them to the wife, saying they would look better on her.

Not wanting to keep the jewellery for obvious reasons, the wife, who lives in Sydney, offered it on sale.

She put it up for sale on a buy, swap and sell Facebook group for $200 (£111) where she also shared the backstory of why she’s selling.

The woman told followers they were getting a bargain as the earrings had been bought in November for $400 (£221) but had lost value since.

She even poked fun at her husband’s girlfriend, telling the buyer to disinfect the jewellery in case of chlamydia.

Facebook followers were amused.

The mistress wrote ‘they would look better on you’ as she regifted the earrings (Picture: Facebook)

The wife wrote on Facebook: ‘It was quite the surprise when they were posted to me, with a darling little note explaining that they would look much better on me. Well, duh. Nice one Captain Obvious.

‘As much as a lovely gesture it was from the woman who made my life hell, I have no desire to insert anything into any of my holes that have also been in hers.’

She also said she ‘highly advised’ the buyer to have a ‘decent disinfect’ as a precaution.

‘I’m sure chlamydia of the ear piercing isn’t a thing… so you should be safe,’ she said. For those wondering, it’s not possible to get chlamydia from earrings.

The seller said she realised when the item was bought after going through her husband’s finances.

She also joked that the potential buyer could bring wine too (for a goss sesh).

She added: ‘After a careful scouring of my husband’s bank accounts, I can confirm they were purchased in November and valued at $400 so you are getting quite the bargain.’

‘Pick up [Sydney suburb]. Bring wine too.’

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