Woman saved by receptionist after handing them a note when she felt threatened

A woman has urged people to use the notes on their phones if they want to silently communicate they feel in danger after she used the method at a dental practice

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TikTok: Woman shares tip for escaping uncomfortable situations

A woman has praised the staff at a dental practice after she used the notes app on her phone to tell them that she suspected she may be in danger.

TikTok user Andreaelena66 said she had been in the waiting room of the dentists when a man started asking her where she lives, where she works, and telling her he would drive her home after noticing she had arrived in an Uber.

When he refused to take no for an answer, she wrote a message on her phone reading: ‘The man behind me tried to get me to go into his car’ and showed it to the receptionist.

She explained that reception then alerted security, who escorted her to the appointment, and staff arranged for her to have a free lift home in a taxi, with security again escorting her to the car to ensure she was safe “the entire time”.

Andrea advised others to use the same method when needed



She thanked the staff for their help



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Andrea thanked the “amazing” staff who had acted on her appeal for help and said: “So this is a screenshot of the note I wrote and passed to a receptionist today as I was in a very uncomfortable situation.

“This is a tip for all the girls and guys, if you are in an uncomfortable situation, use your notes.”

The clip has been watched more than 85,000 times, as one viewer replied to say: “This is actually so smart, I hope I never have to use this but if I’m in a similar situation I definitely will.”

A second wrote: “This make me happy. This is how it should be, I’m glad they supported you and looked after you like this and made sure you were safe.”

Another added: “I’m so sorry you had to deal with this but I’m glad you’re safe now.”

And someone else wrote: “Thank you for sharing.”


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