Woman reveals how she uses shampoo to leave mirrors streak-free and shining

Shampoo isn’t just for your hair (Picture: Malsabena/TikTok)

Cleaning mirrors and glass can be frustrating.

When it dries, you’re often left with streaks and smears.

But one hack shows how a woman used cheap shampoo to solve the problem.

TikTok user @Malsabena shared a clip of her idea with the caption: ‘Another cleaning hack for streak free mirrors.’

She shows how she takes some cheap shampoo and squirts it on a damp cloth before using it to scrub the mirror.

Once it’s covered in soap suds, she runs a squeegee from top to bottom in careful strokes, leaving the mirror sparkling and streak-free.

She then uses the same method on her towel rail to make it shine.

And she adds that if you turn the heater on to dry it out, your room will be filled with a lovely smell too.

Some on TikTok commented to ask if it left a sticky residue but she said she hadn’t had that problem.

‘No it’s super shiny!! I use it on all my reflective/mirror/glass surfaces after I’ve disinfected them all,’ she replied.

Another commenter asked if she’d tried it on windows and she said it was perfect to use it there too but it’s important to disinfect them first.

Others said that while the hack works because the shampoo is basically soap, they find washing up liquid works even better.

But some others recommended using white vinegar, as long as you don’t mind the smell.

One said: ‘Newspaper and white vinegar’ and another person replied to the comment saying: ‘First time someone suggested that to me I was like that’s crazy, paper? But I tried it at work and it leaves no streaks.’

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