Woman reveals hack to put bracelet on alone without struggling

Who knew it was this easy (Picture: Jade Le-Huray/TikTok)

Jewellery can really make or break an outfit but it can be a struggle to get fiddly pieces on without help.

But one woman has revealed her hack to make it much easier.

Using a kirby grip, Jade Le-Huray is able to keep hold of one end using the hand she’s putting the bracelet on, and then the other is free to do up the clasp.

She posted the video on TikTok and revealed ‘single life made think of this one’.

Once the clasp is firmly secure, she just slides the bobby pin out again, ready to use in her hair.

The clip has been watched more than 2 million times and received nearly 200,000 likes.

Others were impressed with the trick and said it would make getting ready much easier for them.

‘Pure WIZARDY’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘Always been a struggle. Now it won’t be.’

‘Omg truly don’t need no mans now,’ someone else said.

It’s not the only hack being shared widely on TikTok though.

An Australian mum also posted about her hack to remove oil stains on the social media site.

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, Australia, has a simple solution that uses baking soda, laundry detergent, kitchen towel, water and a toothbrush.

She starts by dabbing at the oil with the kitchen towel, then applies baking soda, leaves for an hour, applies water and laundry detergent and throws in the washing machine.

Once dried, the clothing should be as good as new.

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