Woman mortified after going on date with upset stomach – and it just keeps getting worse

A woman has shared an embarrassing date story that she hopes will make everyone feel better about their own lives as she doesn’t know if she’ll ‘ever be able to recover from it’

Kennedy on TikTok, talking into camera while sat in a car
Kennedy’s video went viral

A TikTok user has been urged to marry the man she’s dating after sharing a mortifying tale from their most recent evening together, where things went from bad to worse.

Kennedy Eurich, who posts under @ken.eurich, explained that she’d been talking to a guy she has known for a while and he asked her several times on a Friday evening to come over to his house.

Initially, she claims to have said no as she wasn’t feeling very well, but he was persistent and offered to make her soup and take care of her, so eventually, she gave in.

And we’re sure she’s regretting that decision right about now as what happened next will haunt Ken for days/weeks/months to come.

She told how the date went from bad to worse



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“I didn’t feel good and I tell him that and after I eat the soup this man has made for me I’m like, ‘Oh I should not have done that’,” she says in her TikTok video.

“My stomach is too weak to be eating anything right now, so I’m like, squatting on his floor, right? I’m over a bucket and I fart and oh my god.

“So I say to him ‘I almost s**t myself’ because I know him like that and I go to the bathroom.

“I come back and he kicks something on the floor thinking it’s mud. That’s what he said.

“We all know where the story is going… it wasn’t mud. I straight up s****ed on his floor.”

TikTok users urged her to ‘marry’ the man



Kennedy goes on to say that her date cleaned up the mess “like a true gentleman” and she was mortified by the whole thing.

But the story doesn’t finish there.

They go to be that night and in the morning she says she’s feeling “on top of the world”.

The pair are sitting in bed, “horsing around” and laughing and the guy playfully gives her a little shove and neither of them were prepared for what came next.

“Even though I feel great, I kind of tooted when he hit me,” Kennedy explains. “I would love to tell you that this was just a little innocent toot… I full-blown s**t myself and when I say s**t myself, I mean all through my pyjamas, all down my leg, all on this man’s bed, on his wall.”

She adds: “It’s so f***ing embarrassing… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to recover from it.”

Kennedy’s video has since gone viral, being watched over two million times.

More than 377,000 people have liked it, with thousands commenting to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “No because I thought the story was over after he cleaned the floor…”


While a third replied: “Now you have to marry him.”

“I would disappear without a trace if this happened to me,” proclaimed someone else.

A different user added: “My jaw is on the floor.”

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