Woman makes Christmas cookies, pasta and jerky using python eggs and meat

Would you try these? (Picture:@donnakalil/Instagram)

A Florida snake hunter has found an interesting use for the eggs of pythons she finds.

Donna Kalli is a veteran hunter who has used unconventional ingredients in her meals over the years.

During Christmas, she made cookies out of the eggs and and even gave the cookies a snake theme, cutting them in the shape of the slithery reptile.

Donna also uses various snake parts for other meals including pasta and jerky – made from the meat.

In Florida, pythons are considered an invasive species which disturb the state’s eco-system.

Some state officials are even hoping to add it to the menu to limit the number of predators in the area.

So Donna’s meals, which are carefully tested and eaten in small quantities, are a welcome choice.

Donna makes jerky out of the meat (Picture:@donnakalil/Instagram)

Donna doesn’t often find an egg-bearing female snake but when she does, she takes the eggs and freezes them.

She then hard-boils it or cracks it into her batter if she’s planning to bake with them.

The hunter also makes snacks out of the meat, eating them as jerky which has been labelled ‘chicken of the Everglades’ (Florida wetlands).

Donna told the Miami Herald: ‘I really like making jerky because it’s a great snack, but the meat is also good for pasta sauce and sliders, especially when mixed with some other meat like hog.

‘Don’t overcook python. It’s really tricky to get it right. It takes practice.’

Snakes are a bit of a problem in the Everglades (Picture: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images North America )

Burmese pythons began popping up in the 1980s, becoming an emerging threat in the wet marshlands.

In 2017, Donna joined the South Florida Water Management District’s python elimination program in 2017.

The Miami Herald reported that Donna just captured her 470th snake.

But due to the mercury levels inside snakes, Donna has to be careful with how much she consumes.

She doesn’t eat the meat every day and has a home-testing kit to determine just how much mercury is inside the reptile. Donna also only eats snakes under six feet.

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