Woman loves bargain wedding dress so much, she buys it despite not being engaged

It only cost $20 – would you buy it? (Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)

Would you let your dream wedding dress pass you by if you found it when and where you least expected to?

What if it only cost £15?

A woman has inflamed the passions of Facebook by posting pictures of herself in a bargain wedding dress she bought despite not being engaged.

The dress, which she found in a vintage shop, only cost $20 (£15.03).

She proudly posted about the find online, saying she ‘fell in love’ with it and asking if people could help her figure out when it was made.

She later added an edit to her original post which reads: ‘Thank you for the congratulations! I’m not actually getting married yet, but you know… someday.’

She didn’t share whether she has a partner, and her post was later shared on Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming, where it garnered some strong reactions.

The woman wanted to know what era the dress could be from (Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)
She shared pics of the front and back (Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)
Her post (Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)

The incredibly low price of the dress and the fact that the woman simply seems to have stumbled onto the find doesn’t seem to matter to many commenters, with people calling her ‘crazy’.

One person wrote: ‘Why do people buy wedding dresses where there ain’t a wedding?’

People went all in in the comments (Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)
(Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)
(Picture: That’s it, I’m wedding shaming/Facebook)

Some also took issue with the style of the dress, with one person writing: ‘So she’s crazy and she has bad taste. Oh no’.

Another didn’t mince words when they commented: ‘Well let’s hope that enough time passes when she actually DOES get engaged, she’ll completely change her mind because this dress is horrible’.

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