Woman left with ‘two Nike logos’ on her face after £6 eyebrow tint fail

TikTok user Grace Hagan thought she’d bagged a deal when she got her eyebrows tinted for just £6 – but the end result left her looking ‘like Red from Angry Birds’

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TikTok user says she looks like ‘Angry Bird’ after eyebrow tint

Getting your eyebrows tinted, tattooed, or laminated can sometimes be a risk – especially when there’s a chance you might not like the colour applied to your brows.

And one woman on TikTok has learned the hard way that cheaper isn’t always better, as she was left unhappy with the results of her recent discount eyebrow tint.

Grace Hagan, who posts under @greyzindacity, explained she had jumped at the chance to have her eyebrows tinted for just $8 (£6) at a salon in her hometown because it was far cheaper than the $45 (£34) she pays in New York City where she lives.

Grace got her eyebrows tinted for just £5.99


She quickly learned that cheaper isn’t always better


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But while the offer seemed like a great deal, Grace soon discovered there was a catch – as she was left looking “like Red from Angry Birds”.

She said: “I went to my hometown nail salon for a gel manicure, and there was a woman going around asking if I wanted my eyebrows tinted for $8. If you were in my shoes, you would have said yes too because back in New York City it costs $45.

“They put it on for 10 minutes and I looked like Red from Angry Birds while it was on. But then she took it off and she showed me, and I was like ‘Oh… no, you need to take it off’ – but she said ‘It is off. These are your eyebrows; they look really good.’

Grace said she looked like ‘Red from Angry Birds’ after her tint fail


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“I left and then I sat in my car and contemplated my life and all the decisions I’ve made because why would I fall for an $8 eyebrow tint? Like, who does that? Obviously, I’m going to come out looking like I have the Nike logo on my face, and now I’m stuck with this.”

Grace then asked her 53,000 followers for advice on ways to help the dye fade quicker, as she struggled to get it off with a baby wipe.

She added: “I’m scrubbing it and it won’t come off. I’m supposed to see people and now I’m going to have to cancel because I can’t go out in my hometown looking like this.

“It’s not coming off and I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions would be great, otherwise, I’m going to rip the skin off my forehead if I keep doing this.”

And commenters flooded the video – which has been viewed over 9.6 million times – with helpful tips.

One person wrote: “I would try an oil-based something or maybe toothpaste. Toothpaste helps get hair dye out of skin!”

While another said: “Use an astringent and oil to help fade. Please don’t use dish soap, nail polish remover, Windex or some of these other crazy ideas.”

Grace later posted a follow-up video in which she thanked commenters for their advice and vowed never to get her eyebrows tinted again.

She said: “I learned my lesson; I’m not tinting my eyebrows again. I used to be bullied for my eyebrows back when having bushy eyebrows wasn’t cool, so ever since then I’ve been threading them, waxing them, plucking them, tinting them, just doing all kinds of crazy things. I just need to stop touching them.

“So, lesson be learned, if someone offers you an $8 eyebrow tint, say no!”

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