Woman hits back at trolls after they body-shamed her 'beautiful' babies

Alexis LaRue is the proud mother of two baby girls, and now she’s hit back at online trolls who have criticised her daughters because of their weight – despite being just a few months old

New mum Alexis has hit back at online trolls

A new mum has hit back at cruel trolls after they picked on her twin daughters because of their weight – saying they should go on a diet.

Alexis LaRue, who posts on TikTok under @themejiafamily, went viral earlier this year after sharing the size of her infants, who weighed 20lbs each, which is around 4lbs heavier than the average baby.

Trolls commented on the videos and said that the pair ‘didn’t need snacks’, they need to lose some weight, and should go on a diet.

Alexis said that her children were perfectly healthy, and that she would never dream of telling a mother that her young children needed to lose weight.

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Taking to TikTok, Alexis said: “Just because you’re not used to seeing babies in the 90th percentile doesn’t mean you need to shame mine.

“Imagine telling a seven-month-old baby that they need to watch what they eat. That’s crazy. I could never.”

Alexis went viral after sharing a video of herself struggling to carry both her daughters, and viewers said that her two children looked bigger than their mother.

Alexis said: “Everybody wants to know to know if I’m just tiny… or my babies are huge.”

New mum Alexis has hit back at online trolls

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One fan said: “I don’t understand how this could be real.”

And another added: “Their heads are already way bigger than yours.”

While a third wrote: “Their total weight combined has got to be more than the mum’s.”

Alexis’ first video had over 45 million views alongside droves of comments, some of which weren’t so nice and accused the mum of ‘overfeeding’ her ‘fat’ children.

She added: “No but really why do people say something mean and then say ‘no offence they’re cute though’?”

But some fans were much nicer and defended Alexis. One said: “They’re just two happy healthy babies that are growing a bit faster than others. Perfectly normal.”

And another said: “Your babies are healthy and loved. I feel bad for these keyboard cowards with their miserable lives.”

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