Woman gives birth to 'miracle' triplets after two heartbreaking miscarriages

After suffering two heartbreaking miscarriages, Natasha O’Grady thought she might never become a mum and then the unthinkable happened – she became pregnant with triplets

Natasha and Ryan and their three daughters
One big happy family

Natasha O’Grady and her husband Ryan were left in total shock when they went for their 14-week scan and heard not one, but three healthy heartbeats on the monitor.

The couple had been trying to have a baby for several years and tragically suffered two miscarriages along the way.

Natasha, 32, had become worried that she may never have children and unsurprisingly spent a lot of the pregnancy fearing that history may repeat itself.

But the couple from Isleworth, London, feel so “blessed” that all worked out well and they are now proud parents to three adorable daughters Onyx, Maddox and Quinn, who are four months old.

They couldn’t believe they were having triplets


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The couple describes the moment they found out they were having triplets as “surreal”.

Natasha, a content creator, said: “We were in complete disbelief!

“We had mentally tried to prepare to hear those heartbreaking words again, so to hear we were actually already passed the first trimester and carrying three healthy babies was the craziest moment of our lives.

“We have no history of triplets in our family so we feel completely blessed.

“It is like we were given back all of our babies.”

They are now proud parents to Onyx, Maddox and Quinn


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The triplets were conceived naturally and born at 33 weeks, but it was a bumpy road to get to their delivery.

Natasha’s journey to motherhood first began in January 2019.

The couple were elated when they found out they were having a baby but as the weeks passed, she began to bleed and an early scan confirmed there wasn’t a heartbeat.

Then in March of 2020, the pair found out they were expecting for the second time.

Natasha experienced cramps, but as there wasn’t any bleeding, she tried to remain positive that things would work out.

“Sadly, I was wrong. I collapsed at home and I wasn’t breathing properly. My body went into total shock as my body rejected the pregnancy,” she remembers.

“As I was taken out on a stretcher by the paramedics, my body was trembling and I passed out.

“I was taken into theatre as I began to profusely bleed and they needed to operate immediately.”

Natasha thought she might never become a mum


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She said: “The whole world wants to portray pregnancy as this seemingly, perfectly smooth ride.

“It’s not until you’ve been through it that you realise this simply isn’t the case for a large proportion of society.

“Nothing could prepare us for our journey to parenthood.

“I never thought a miscarriage would happen to me and that’s simply because it’s a topic that isn’t openly talked about enough which drastically needs to change.

“It was extremely traumatic both mentally and physically, and I began to believe I may never become a mum.”

Natasha continued: “When I fell pregnant for the third time, there was no celebration hugs or jumping up and down in the bathroom.

“The sheer wave of panic just engulfed us again and that is the sad reality of pregnancy after loss, you truly believe it’s going to be taken away from you at any moment.”

After the couple’s first loss, Natasha threw herself into planning the perfect wedding to distract herself from the grief.

“I didn’t really know how to deal with and process the situation or felt I had anywhere to turn so instead tried to carry on as if nothing had happened,” she admits.

“I found myself desperately seeking something to fuel my focus on.

“Ryan and I decided to bring our wedding forward to August 2019. It was the worst decision we could have made.”

The second time around, Natasha knew she needed to confront her feelings, so she found a charity called ‘Crossway’ based in Twickenham, London.

They offered her around the clock support and a weekly therapy session to deal with depression.

They’ve been ‘blessed’


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Natasha was leading a healthier life and cut alcohol plus caffeine out of her life whilst focusing heavily on improving her mental health.

She said: “Nearly a year on, I found myself in the bathroom peering down onto that familiar stick again.

“The two blue lines would be the change and the step to giving us both our happiness back.

“Yet, I instantly felt scared that history is going to repeat itself.

“The feeling of guilt for finding yourself feeling bursts of excitement, then having to calm yourself down because the reality is, this baby might just not stay too.

“At 13 weeks, my heart broke into a million pieces when I found blood again.

“Seeing that sight was just like the trap door opened again below me, and the black hole was getting ready to pull me down again.”

But at the 14-week scan, the Sonographer revealed three healthy heartbeats.

Natasha adds: “Going from no children to a parent of three overnight has been a total whirlwind, but Ryan and I work so well, together as a team to give our girls the happiest lives we can.

“We truly believe we’ve been blessed with this incredible gift as it’s so rare to have triplets and couldn’t be more grateful every day that our girls were born into the world healthy and safe after such an incredibly scary pregnancy.

“Some days are hard as we try to adjust, but seeing three smiling faces staring back at you makes it all worth it.”

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