Woman for Kano ‘kill’ two of her children with cutlass and pestle

Di house wey di deaths happun
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di house wey di deaths happun

Binta Ado Nababa, mother to 26 year old Hauwa Habibu wey Police accuse say she kill her two children for Kano, north west Nigeria don tell BBC say her pikin get evil spirits wey dey disturb her for years.

Na on Saturday Hauwa according to Kano Police Command for northern Nigeria use machete and pestle kill six-year-old Irfan Ibrahim and 3-year-old Zuhura Ibrahim wey be her children inside her marital home for Diso area inside Kano city.

She bin go into hiding after di killings but police announce say dem gbab her on Sunday and she currently dey with Criminal Investigations Department unit (CID) for further investigations.

“For years now, she dey suffer from a lot of things wey concern evil spirits but di thing become worse in di last three months because she no dey even fit sleep.”

“I dey always tell her to dey pray and to tell her husband wetin dey happun to her.”

“Unfortunately she and di husband dey always fight, dis na marriage of six years but one month after dia marriage na im wahala start, one issue after di oda everytime.”

Di mother admit say na her place Hauwa run come after di killings before her husband come hours later with blood all over im bodi.

“First tin wey I ask her wen she come my house be say, hope all is well , she come yan say na fever dey worry her and nothing more until her husband come tok wetin happun.” She tok.

‘Case of jealousy’

Labaran Mai Tsamiya na neighbour of di family for six years and e tell BBC say di mata happun afta di man marry anoda wife and na case of pure jealousy.

“Already dis man and di wife dey always get problem for dia marriage and about three months ago, e add anoda wife but no be di same house e keep dem, di new wife dey Sharada area, na afta di new wife come tins escalate.”

“Me and dis woman dey greet and neva for once suspect say she get any mental wahala or anything and she dey enter neighbours house as well. So for me na just jealousy over her husband new wife and how to get back at am.” E tok.

“Di two kids wey die na lovely children, a day before dem die dem come play with my children inside my house, wetin happun dey very sad and I hope say authorities go do di needful.” E add.



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