Woman falls for her Airbnb host and gets engaged after three months despite 27-year age gap

Angie and Dennis have been together for three months and are now engaged (Picture: PA Real Life/Collect)

When Angie Lucas tried to book an Airbnb owned by Dennis Weisse back in July, he initially rejected her request.

Thinking she was planning to throw a party, he knew that would break coronavirus rules – but taking a look again, he realised she wanted to come alone and he reconsidered.

It was a lucky change of heart for them both as the decision led to them meeting and falling in love, getting engaged just three months later – despite a 27-year age gap.

Dennis is older than both Angie’s parents and she’s just a few years older than his son, but they felt an instant connection.

Angie, of North Fort Myers, Florida, USA, said: ‘I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever meet the love of my life.

‘It may sound corny, but Dennis has transformed my life and he treats me like a princess.’

Nanny Angie had been single for three years and with pandemic restrictions in place, she faced celebrating her 40th birthday alone.

She decided to book a solo staycation to celebrate and looked to Airbnb for the first time.

She came across Dennis’ place, just half an hour away and sent a message explaining she wanted to have her 40th there.

Misinterpreting her message, Dennis thought Angie was planning to host a gathering, so initially rejected her request.

She explained: ‘I wrote a very chatty greeting message for Dennis and told him it was my birthday.

‘But he misunderstood and thought I was planning to have a party, which I was not – I’m very cautious about Covid – so he rejected my request.’

Realising his mistake, UPS driver Dennis, 67, called Angie the following day to apologise – hoping to convince her to come for her trip as planned.

‘I said I understood and was okay with the rejection, but he was so friendly and such an outgoing and gregarious character. We had a really nice chat,’ Angie continued.

Angie and Dennis (Picture: PA Real Life/Collect)

‘In the end, he sweet talked me and convinced me to go ahead with the trip.’

Dennis hadn’t planned to be at the property but when a couple who had been looking after the property back in Florida unexpectedly had to leave, he had no choice but to fly home and make sure the house was ready for her arrival.

Knowing she was spending her birthday alone, he decided to arrange a few surprises for her.

He said: ‘Because of all the confusion with the site, I wanted to do something really nice for her birthday.

‘I had the couple who had been looking after the property arrange some balloons, a birthday banner, card, cupcakes and tequila on the kitchen counter before they left.

‘If they hadn’t left, I would never have come back to Florida, so never would have met Angie in person. The Lord works in mysterious ways.’

She arrived on July 8, found the gifts and was touched by the gesture so when Dennis arrived that evening, they got chatting.

Dennis stayed in his bedroom, while Angie slept in one of the guest rooms on the other side of the house.

Angie said: ‘The next morning – my 40th birthday – we had coffee and he made me breakfast. We drank champagne mimosas on his pool patio.

Angie and Dennis after the engagement (Picture: PA Real Life/Collect)

‘The conversation got even easier and more relaxed. Despite our age difference it’s very easy to get along and talk to each other.’

She went home the following day but Dennis was on her mind and despite the age gap, she realised there was a romantic spark between them.

They kept talking and three days later, she went back to North Fort Myers to stay with him for a few days – and their relationship quickly progressed.

‘We quickly started to fall in love and became basically inseparable,’ Angie said.

Their first moment of intimacy sealed the deal for Dennis. He said: ‘We were floating in the pool and our first kiss was in the water. Again, the light-bulb went off and it was a kiss like no other.’

By September, Angie had moved in and Dennis decided to take their whirlwind romance even further

On September 11, when he got down on one knee for a second time and asked Angie to marry him on a trip to Captiva Island, 45 mins away from North Fort Myers on the Gulf of Mexico.

She recalled: ‘We’d had dinner at a fancy restaurant, then afterwards, he got down on one knee again to propose marriage with a stunning sunset backdrop.

‘It was so romantic.’

Angie, whose dad is 63 and mum is 59, said her family had been supportive of her decision – and had joked with Dennis’ 33-year-old son about being closer in age to him than her fiancé.

In response to critics of age gap love, she said: ‘I would just say ‘live and let live’.

‘If you find somebody you love and they happen to be much older or much younger than you, as long as you are not harming anyone else and it is consensual and you love each other, you should never let age get in the way of true happiness and the chance of love.’

Now, the couple are planning an intimate wedding ceremony next year.

She concluded: ‘I could never have imagined I would fall in love with my Airbnb host. My life has been totally transformed.’

Dennis, who had been single for four-and-a-half years before meeting Angie, admitted that he had his heart set on her before they even met.

He said: ‘I kept staring at her picture on her profile on the Airbnb app. I was looking at it four or five times a day, I would blow it up to see every inch of her face. There was something about her, and I just couldn’t get her out of my head.’

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